MOLESKINE 2020 Weekly 12M Hard Case-L-Pink-Hot Stamping Service

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Moleskine's 2020 weekly diary 12 M, with a weekly page and a right-line horizontal line layout, is convenient for planning monthly tasks and to-do items and improving work efficiency.



MOLESKINE 2020 Weekly 12M Hard Case-L-Pink-Hot Stamping Service


**Are you ready to plan for the new 2020?** Moleskine's 2020 weekly diary 12 M, with a weekly page and a right-line horizontal line layout, is convenient for planning monthly tasks and to-do items and improving work efficiency. Comes with internal pages such as annual calendar, monthly calendar, national holidays, time zone table, etc., allowing you to easily plan your future itinerary. The creative book waist can also be assembled into a simple desktop calendar! Weekly to-do items and schedules are recorded in a focused manner. Detailed notes and notes can be written on the right page. Attach the inner page of the monthly plan. The monthly plan can be seen at a glance. The extended pocket on the inside of the back cover has 3 posts. Paper to enrich your handbook pages The creative book waist can be used as a bookmark. Fill in the basic information on the previous page. This is your unique and unique handbook. This year's most precious and special memories can be recorded here. **`` Legendary Notebook That Lasts 100 Years ''** A sturdy and smooth waterproof and oily cover, a thoughtful rounded corner design, a flexible drawstring, high storage acid-free paper, a solid paper binding, and an expanded inner pocket ... this is the early 20 A legendary Moleskine notebook of the century of European artists and intellectuals. Born in the 19th century French small binding workshop, drawings, ideas, stories and other creations of Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway, Matisse and other great giants are recorded in this simple, lightweight and preservable Moleskine black notebook in. Today's Moleskine has expanded from the original notebook to writing tools, reading accessories, backpacks, and digital note-taking supplies, gradually integrating into users to create personal unique elements. Moleskine's century-old cultural essence and contemporary nomadic spirit allow you to use your imagination and unique creativity to continue your story through Moleskine. **<Product specifications>** Size: L-shaped / 13 x 21 cm Material: paper Content: Annual calendar, monthly calendar, personal data sheet, national holidays, memos, stickers Date: January 2020 to December 2020 Pages: 144 pages Paper pounds: 70 gsm made in China **Pinkoi Exclusive Customized Hot Stamping Service** // how to apply Please read the following hot stamping instructions, and provide the hot stamping pattern number and text in the remarks column of the shopping cart. -If you buy a single copy, fill it in the remarks field directly, for example: Pattern: B, text: good times -If purchasing multiple copies, for example: Classic Hard Case Notebook-Type M-Checkered Black / Pattern: C, Text: Happy Life Classic Royal Blue Hard Case Notebook-L-Checkered / Pattern: D, Text: Happy // bronzable goods Accept cover material is hard shell or soft leather, size: pocket type / M type / L type / XL type Limited edition and special material cover are not available // Hot stamping specifications Each item can only accept**"one pattern"**plus**"a line of text"** There are 8 patterns to choose from (because of the layout type, Section A cannot add hot stamping) // Bronzing word limit Pocket / M: 12 English characters or 5 Chinese characters L / XL: 14 English characters or 7 Chinese characters -Chinese and English are not allowed to mix and match. The number of words includes blanks and symbols. Please specify English capitalization. -The English font uses SignPainter-HouseScript, and the Chinese font uses standard font. No fonts accepted -Special characters that cannot be input by keyboard or Zhuyin input method will not be accepted -The printing position is unified in the center directly below the cover. The designated position will not be accepted (please see the bronzing diagram) -For non-event periods, the hot stamping service costs $ 250 per copy // Explanation of bronzing service -This hot stamping service requires scheduled time, it will not be delivered within the specified time, it takes about 7-12 working days -The hot stamping service order is an individual customized product, so it cannot be returned or exchanged (please pay attention before setting up the order) -If you select "Pinkoi's Exclusive Customized Hot Stamping Service", but you have not filled in the customized content in the remarks field of the order, or you have not proactively contacted Moleskine to inform you of the customized requirements within 48 hours after the order is completed. If the orderer cannot be contacted, a refund will be given to Pinkoi Station for assistance // gilding diagram


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