Word Flower—Literature Magazine Issue 75—Rebel

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"Character Flower" Issue 75 Series Second Strike-Rebel



Word Flower—Literature Magazine Issue 75—Rebel


Following the "witnesses", the revised "Word Flower" focuses on the second kind of human situation: rebellion. Rebellion is inseparable from action, but it is also inseparable from the system and power. Zhu Kaidi, who entered the parliament from the private sector two years ago, what is the new experience of the change in the way of confrontation? In an exclusive interview, he talked about how to break the boundaries of rebellion itself from the pre-history of individual resistance, and to reflect the unique ideas of individuals and collectives, rebellion and obedience under the difficult circumstances. You know, rebellion also has a "spectrum." Ma Jiewei organizes the cultural imagination of different kinds of society for you. The spectrum of rebellion is the most floating, and it may only reflect the ritual of consolidating the mainstream. Poetry must take a different approach, and carefully read the two poems of Gu Cheng and Xia Yu. The temperament of resistance reflects the spirit of vanguard. You Jing and Cui Shunhua, the former used poems to write about the difficulty of breaking the frame, while the latter's in-depth solitary pull no doubt reminded introspection as a long-lasting method of resisting the world. From a space perspective, how likely is it to betray your own space in a highly capitalized city? Xiaoxi went out of trouble and summarized some important practical experience. The splendid short stories of Yu Ruomei and Li Pingyao are both magical and naked in the creation of the world, each touching the ends of the rebel pedigree. As for the artistic creations of Wen Jingying and Huang Yongsheng, in a critique of criticism, it shows that rebellion can also be a gift. In this issue of Book B, the focus is on Pan Guoling's continuation of Huang Biyun's famous book "Lost City". Twenty years later, Bach's cello is still solo. What about the fate of Zhan Keming's daughter, Chen Luyuan and Yi Yunsi? Xie Xiaohong wrote a special article to interpret Xixi's multi-channel new work "Weaving Nest", which should not be missed. Who broke into the "jungle of laws"? In this "Qige" call for papers, the four authors challenge stereotypes from different angles and reset the rules. The painter Lin Jiancai saw the possibility of simulation from Dong Qizhang's "Android Jenny" and ingeniously painted by hand. Part of the column is Kunnan's analysis of Lin Yanni's death shadow from the perspective of astrology. Three standing columns, "Hong Kong Literature Opening Quotation Marks" take everyone over the "flow of consciousness" and eat a bowl of "three and the first"; "Exchange Drift" is titled "door", and three young writers continue to cross; "four hands "Liantan" invited Luo Guixiang and Shen Shuang to cut into the topic of "world literature" from climate change and Liu Yizheng.


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