Diy handmade liquid soap material package ~ special for medium and dry shampoo

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You can choose the right formula according to your skin condition, and combine it with your favorite fragrance and additives to form a personal package. After you get it, you can complete a bottle of purest, pure shower gel or wash with a few simple steps.



Diy handmade liquid soap material package ~ special for medium and dry shampoo


[Design origin] A thought... A few months of repeated experiments, finally completed this seemingly simple, but actually cumbersome material package design! After several years of handmade soap, most of the customers are accustomed to using blocky handmade soaps, but some friends can't give up the convenience of shower gels. Have been asking if they can make liquid handmade soap? Therefore, a**tailor-made liquid soap concept**is born, you can choose the right formula according to the skin condition, with the favorite scent and additives, combined into a personal package, after getting, as long as a few In a simple step, you can complete a bottle of the purest, pure shower gel or shampoo, no matter if you use it or give it away! In recent years, there have been frequent problems with commercially available shower gels and shampoos. Excessive preservatives and improper additives have caused skin problems to be constant, light and sensitive, and carcinogenic, making people feel uncomfortable~ **Only if you add something you know, you can wash it with confidence. Liquid soap is made of pure vegetable oil. There is no other extra addition.** If you want to have the convenience of shower gel, and you want to use it with peace of mind, DIY liquid soap combination is a good choice. The most painstaking soap paste will help you. You just need to decide the desired wash and fragrance. Additives... will help you to make a skin-friendly fat mix. After receiving the kit, you can complete a bottle of 500ml custom-made liquid soap in just a few simple steps. ※Handmade soap small classroom: Know why handmade soap can be used for different purposes and wash feeling? The reason is that different vegetable oils contain different fatty acid compositions, and each fatty acid has different functions. It has high foaming, refreshing, and moisturizing properties. It can form soaps with different washing sensations. The mix of fats and oils is very varied. Here are a few formulas for different skin types. You can choose according to your skin condition! ★中~ Dry shampoo special soap paste Ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, bitter tea oil, olive oil. Grease characteristics: Castor oil has good moisturizing effect, mild washing feeling, can produce rich foam and soft hair, with bitter tea oil moisturizing high, can reduce hair loss and increase hair shine, suitable for medium to dry shampoo. Shampoo method: According to the general shampooing method, after the last flushing, dilute the citric acid (about 1000 water: 1 citric acid) to rinse the hair, then rinse thoroughly with water. If there is no citric acid, it can be replaced by vinegar or general conditioner. **Essential oil or fragrance selection - please choose one** Lavender essential oil 2. Peppermint essential oil 3. Tea tree oil 4. Eucalyptus essential oil 5. Citrus essential oils (lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit) 6. Rosemary essential oil 7. Rose Geranium 8. Rose fragrance **Additions - please choose one**If you do not choose, add glycerin 1. glycerin <moisturizing> 2. Peppermint oil <cool feeling> Content: 1. 500ml pressure bottle. <Colors and styles are random> 2.250ml exclusive custom soap paste cans. 3.50ml aroma and a bottle of additives. 4. A simple DIY manual. 5. Lucky grass foaming ball one. 6. A piece of liquid soap sticker. 7. One tote bag. ☆ Simple liquid soap DIY steps: 1. Pour the soap paste into small pieces (the smaller the better the solution), put it into the pot, add the same amount of pure water (or flower water, loofah water, eucalyptus water....all), stir it a little, then let stand 1 ~2 days. 2. Slowly cook over low heat and gently stir to dissolve the soap paste completely in water. 3. Hand soap does not add thickener, so it will not be as thick as commercially available shower gel. If you want the soap to be thicker, you can use saturated saline to slowly add to the desired consistency. The consistency can be personal preference. However, if you do not need thickening, you can omit this step. 4. Turn off the flame. When the temperature of the soap liquid drops to about 45 °C (hand touch the temperature), add the contents of the flavoring bottle to the soap solution and mix slowly. 5. After cooling, bottling and labeling are completed. ※ Saturated saline solution - slowly dissolve the salt in hot water until it can no longer dissolve more salt solution, which is called saturated brine. ☆ Intimate little 叮咛: 1. Soap paste is made up of several kinds of oils and fats. The color and hardness of each oil are not the same. Therefore, it is normal for soapy jars to have different colors and soft and hard soap paste! 2. Some oils themselves have a special taste, depending on personal preference, you can choose to add or not add essential oils~ 3. After the order is received, the match will be made. After the completion, it will be sent as soon as possible. Please be patient~ 4. The package of materials received should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, which can be stored for a long time. The well-preserved soap paste can be stored for more than 18 months. Please use the melted liquid soap within one year. 5. Please use the empty bottle after use, ex: scent bottle can be used as a travel bottle... 6. This is the exclusive store for 〝中~Dry shampoo. For other skin types and materials, please choose another store and attach your scent and additive options to the order. The purchased materials are sent to your hand, thank you! Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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