LOLA'S APOTHECARY Marjoram Aromatherapy Shower Bath Oil

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With eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet marjoram as the main notes of the herbal fragrance, it effectively relieves the nose


LOLA'S APOTHECARY Marjoram Aromatherapy Shower Bath Oil


The leisurely Zen makes the body and mind clear and pure. If the gentle breeze blows slowly, let the bathing be like yoga or meditation, fade away the dust, and sublimate to a detached state. With eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet marjoram as the main notes of herbal aromas, the active delights of mint and lemon are adorned. Effectively relieves the nose and relieves muscle soreness. Exclusive natural fragrance, ingredients are taken from top pure essential oils. The biggest difference between Lola's Apothecary emollient and showering oil is that bathing oil contains high proportions of essential oils, but it is by no means equivalent to using essential oils directly on the skin! It is based on nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin E. The amount of water in a bathtub requires only a few drops of oil; the shower is equally effective! "Mushroom Bath Oil" is best for use early in the morning to awaken body cells, refreshing; it also applies to a short day of meditation. Choose a quiet, undisturbed corner, take a few drops of oil in a mug filled with hot water, place the mug on the table or on the edge of the bed, add a little music, a few candles, and get the most comfortable Pose or sit or lie and close your eyes to enjoy the quietness of the temporary dust and dust (for details, see how to use it). 【Healing and Body Recipes】: Sweet almond oil: rich in vitamin E, fine texture, silky and good absorption. Gently protect sensitive muscles and make nails strong and healthy. Grape seed oil: Rich in Omega 6, it absorbs and nourishes skin. Beta Carotene: Stimulates cell turnover and promotes skin repair. Vitamin E: potent anti-oxidation, repair free radical damage, and promote skin elasticity. Euclid: Refreshing and help concentrate. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can effectively relieve muscle and joint pain. Mint: cool refreshment, smooth nose, relieve muscle soreness and digestion. Sweet Marjoram: Warming up, relaxing, and stopping phlegm can help relieve dry itchy coughs, fight muscle and joint aches, and effectively deal with digestive problems. Rosemary: Promote blood circulation, reduce skin congestion, swelling, and help concentrate. [perfect use]: Soaking Bath - First dim the lights in the entire room, start a bathing ceremony, eliminate external stimuli, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Then set about creating a scented Home Spa, slamming on the shower door, turning off the extraction fan, and letting the steam and heart warm to the full bathroom. You may wish to light a few candles next to the bathtub to create the most sacred and private space. To achieve the best aromatherapy effect, it is recommended to add a few drops of bath oil along with the water flow when releasing hot water, and add a few drops of bath oil before filling the tub with water. Slowly slide into the bathtub, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to allow the body to settle in a hot water hug, soft and relaxed, surrounded by refreshing fragrant vapors, and released from the hustle and bustle of the day. Shower - If you have no bath or no bathtub in your home, you can also upgrade a simple shower to a top SPA. When the body is dry before showering, apply a proper amount of the entire body to apply and then shower. The temperature and steam of the hot water will release the essential oils, allowing the pure beauty of the aromatherapy to cover the entire body. After the shower, it does not need to be wiped dry, and the residual oil and moisture are massaged until absorbed. The rich vegetable oil formula can moisturize the whole body and leave a delicate skin touch. Un-washed daily pressure ─ Lola's Apothecary bath oil can be used outside the bathroom for you to temporarily eliminate dust and turbulence, props only need a mug. Drop a few drops of bath oil in a mug filled with hot water, and place the mug on the table or on the edge of the bed. Slowly rise and spread the fragrance of fragrance will surround you. Or enjoy the mini version of steamed face care and inhalation aroma therapy, bring your face close to the mug, take a few deep breaths in the cup, close your eyes, let the fragrance steam into the body with your breath, and start the magical healing power of the plant . You will feel the full relaxation of facial muscles, even a smile, like a hug from the bottom of the cup, to quickly soothe body and mind. 【Capacity】:100ml 【Precautions】: 1. For external use only. 2. Please keep it in a cool and dry place. 3. If you have any discomfort or allergies, stop or consult your physician.


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