Custom portraits - three or pet combinations

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This product is a three-person (or pet combination) portrait-like paint, the left side of the product description for you to elaborate the custom process and precautions, whether it is a gift or collection welcome you to order their own exclusive paint, th


Custom portraits - three or pet combinations


**Portrait-like picture** The form of the work is: picture electronic file (png, jpg) each B, the original size picture electronic file (print output use). ●If there is a need for frame, the size of the frame is 9x14cm, the frame size is 13x18 cm, and the paper ivory card is 300 pounds (as shown above) **Portrait-like process** (1) Please write to ask and provide 1-3 clear half-length photos (person/pet) to discuss and determine the order schedule. ● Please inform the order in advance if the order is like an urgent item. ●If you send it overseas, please add the shipping materials to the library after the order is placed. ●Replenishment of freight items (2) After confirming the order, enter the “Draft Drafting” stage. The consignor also confirms that the "final draft is finalized" and enters the "like-painting and coloring" stage. ●After confirming the order and photo, you need to wait for the working day within 7 days (excluding holidays). ● The consignor confirms that the final draft of the draft is finished, and the finished work only accepts the fine-tuned color. Therefore, all the structure and action details should be adjusted at this stage. (3) “Looking like painting” is completed, and the consignor confirms the final draft, and the work will be delivered to you by E-mail. (4) If there is a consignor with the need for the frame, the confirmation will be directly entered into the “Print, Frame, and Mail” stage, and the product will be reminded by the message on the day of delivery. **Portrait-like painting notes** 1. If there is a modification request, please submit it before the completion of the draft drafting stage. After the coloring, the details will not be accepted (the color fine adjustment is not limited). 2. The mailing of the free goods will be sent by the general registered number. About 2-3 post offices will be delivered on the working day. If you need to send the express mail quickly, you need to add the shipping goods to the library. 3. Quick and urgent items within three days need to be replenished**$200**, please confirm before ordering, the number of days will be calculated from the notification date. ●Replenishment of freight items **Works copyright statement** 1. The price of a portrait-like painting only includes the ownership of the electronic image used by the commissioner for non-profit use. 2. The commissioner shall not use the image “re-engineering”, “commercial profit-seeking”, “commercial use exposure”, etc. without the authorization of the creator (Note 1). ●Remarks (1): If the consignor has commercial profit demand, he/she must sign an image license contract with the creator. (The use of images of social networking sites such as FB, IG, etc., for commercial purposes, is subject to the terms of this license.) 3. The commissioner shall not copy or transfer the image to a third party in private. The use of personal non-commercial behavior is not limited to this (Note 2). ●Remarks (2): The use of personal business for profit-free use includes: the use of personal mobile phone tablecloths, the printing of greeting cards without sales, the printing of FB headshots, and the printing of daily necessities for personal sales. [After the order is completed, the client agrees and abides by the above specifications. 】 [Facebook] Haowei Chung Zhong Haowei [Instagram]haowei_illustration


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