Animal Spring Garden (Green Rose)-Diffuser Teak Flower

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Green rose represents love and sincere and pure love. Legend has it that people use it more as a token of love and is the flower of choice among lovers. In addition, it is rumored that the green rose is a unique flower of God. Because human beings do not d



Animal Spring Garden (Green Rose)-Diffuser Teak Flower


【Product Size】 Product Picture (Teak Basin Length 7cm x Width 5cm, Height 8cm) (Excluding Ornaments) (Products are handmade and inevitably have slight errors) [Flower materials and accessories] Japanese light clay rose / flower, Swarovski love jewelry / pearl, homemade teak basin [Essential oil] The product can be accompanied by essential oils, which will have a fragrant taste when received (communicate the taste when placing an order). When the taste is gone, you can order your favorite essential oil or fragrance products (this product uses the pot Carex spreading). 【package】 The shipment is simple and environmentally friendly packaging. If gift-style packaging is required, you can inform in advance that there is no material package. [Notice before buying] ◎ Customized products need to wait about 10 working days (excluding holidays). If you need urgently, you can ask before ordering to avoid delaying your important moment. ◎ Because it is made after ordering, there will be some color difference in teak basin and clay coloring, which cannot be exactly the same as in the photo. Each product is uniquely made and color, if you can accept the order. ◎ The accessories on the teak basin will be communicated with the buyer if they are out of stock, or they will make an inquiry before placing an order. ◎ The photos are mainly in primary colors, but there will still be a slight color difference between different 3C screens and products! [Custom Service] ◎ You can design rose teak pot flowers according to this, customize your favorite color system, as a romantic flower gift, wedding small things, office healing small things. [Delivery matters] ◎ Although the packaging is well protected, there will be some risks in the material. If the product is damaged, please take a photo and contact it immediately. Please let us have the opportunity to communicate with you and explain before the evaluation. ◎ The production time is about 5 working days (custom order). The actual arrival date is mainly based on the time of the shipping company. If there is a festival, there may be a delay in delivery, please forgive me ~ ◎ The outlying islands of Taiwan will be delivered according to the actual situation. 【storage method】 ◎ No watering, no fear of moisture, permanent color preservation. ◎ Do not directly contact other items (for example, not withered flowers), color transfer and dyeing may occur. ◎ When contaminated with dust, please gently brush with a brush. ◎ Clay itself can't breathe fragrance. The essential oil or fragrance can be directly placed on the moss in the teak basin (explained in the package). [Origin] Handmade / Taiwan If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Park Shin ’s everyday, thank you


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