Pet Toy Halloween Howling Gift Box Birthday Gift Snoring 5 Piece Set [Pre-Order to 3/31]

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Pet gift box! Five funny wolverine modeling toys, including sizzling toys, provide pets with fun



Pet Toy Halloween Howling Gift Box Birthday Gift Snoring 5 Piece Set [Pre-Order to 3/31]


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ::: Pre-order items from now until 3/31/2020; shipping on 05/25 ::: ::: Pre-order items, with a single purchase of over $ 4,000, plus a selection of toys ::: ★ Pre-ordered items: (important !!!) 1. Because the pre-purchased goods are international purchasing, after the order is established and the payment is confirmed, the original factory is required to prepare and ship the goods. Takes about 60 days in total (expected to ship on 5/25/2020) 2. If the delivery cannot be successfully performed due to force majeure factors, or the original factory cannot accept the pre-order, the full amount of the pre-order will be refunded. 3. Please check and accept the goods immediately after delivery. If you encounter a defect, please take a photo and return the defect status. After confirming by the original factory, we will deal with the international exchange. The collection of the product and the round-trip freight will be borne by the original factory and our company. We will not accept the refund of the pre-purchase. 4. Please read the precautions for the above-mentioned pre-orders carefully. If the pre-order is established and payment is completed, it shall be deemed to accept the above-mentioned pre-purchase agreement. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ★ Puppy corn skewers, equipped with two 啾啾 sounders at the head and tail, with candy paper in the middle block, strung on a rope, the dog has three types of playing fun at a time. ★ This deadly weapon puppy dagger contains multiple tweeters and tempting candy paper to make them play to the fullest. ★ It not only has a candy paper chirping sound, it also makes a terrible howling sound. This prank toy will immediately make your home child grin! ★ Witch Potion is cooking, combining unique features and fun, including squeaky eyeballs, sizzling cauldrons, and ropes that connect the two. ★ The ghost of the grave will glow in the dark, with funny screams and sneaky snoring, which will make Mao children have a crush on it. ★ Hand-made double stitching, cross stitching to ensure durability ★ The product has passed strict quality test and can be washed by washing machine ★ Does not contain harmful chemical azo dyes (AZO-free dye) ★ Environmentally friendly PlanetFill® filler is made of 100% certified safe recycled plastic bottles ★ Manufactured by the highest certified factory producing baby products **Call out all the weeping wolves and ghouls!** **Whether you're looking for fun or candy, or both, you've come to the right place.** **Our Halloween screaming toy set contains cute and creepy toys with charming features, which will definitely make your home furry child addicted.** **After all the Halloween candy is gone, they will be very happy and still have these delicious toys to immerse them!** **PLAY Halloween Howling 5 Piece Set** ★ Size: Puppy Dagger: 25.4 x 3.8 x 5.1cm Puppy Corn Skewers: 27.9 x 10.8 x 5.1cm Zombie dog fangs: 10.2 x 10.2 x 9.5cm Witch Potion: 12.7 x 12.7 x 15.2cm Ghoul Tomb: 5.1 x 8.9 x 14cm Gift set of 5 pieces: 26 x 16 x 12cm ★ Material: Exterior skin-Velboa short plush (100% PE polyester fiber); Filler-polyfiber PLANETFILL® made of recycled PET bottles **『Goodwill reminder』** Please choose suitable pet toys to avoid swallowing after pet bites, which will cause difficulty in swallowing. Keeping pets playing in your sight and observing the usage from time to time can effectively prevent toy damage. Playing with your .7 cm pet is always the most suitable pet toy. **『Washing precautions』** Please use the laundry bag to wrap the PLAY toy into the washing machine to avoid washing with hard or sharp objects to prevent the toy from being damaged in advance. Please also wash with low speed, normal temperature water, neutral detergent, and do not use bleach; if you need to dry, please dry at low temperature to extend the life of toys. **『Returns』** Remind you that pet products are based on hygiene and health considerations and cannot be returned after being unpacked. Please decide whether to return the goods before unpacking to avoid affecting your rights. **『7-11 Arrival Size Limits』** Volume: ≦ 45cm30cm30cm, the longest side ≦ 45cm, the other two sides must be ≦ 30cm; weight must not exceed 5 kg


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