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Where is the tableware? Keep the card in the grip! Bayonet card

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Clicking mouth card tableware-classic

商品説明 **※ Please read the precautions carefully before purchasing. The product has a 7-day appreciation period. The appreciation period is not a trial period. Because the food container has personal hygiene and safety concerns, it cannot be returned or exchanged once it has been used.** **Mouth card tableware╳ a good partner for alleys and delicacies** As a professional foodie who loves food, it is normal to take a spoon with you on the road! Normally, you can’t just store the food list in your pocket, ❰ Clicking mouth card tableware ❱ will become a must-have artifact for you to step on! **Portable design, the shell is the handle** The unique patented design of the mouth card tableware and the handle is the storage box, which is perfectly integrated into the storage aesthetics and saves the space of the belongings. Independent storage method, wash which tableware you use! It will never happen again, the dilemma of using only one today but having to wash the whole group. **Two-in-one cap, quick and easy to disassemble** The patented cap combines the separately stored tableware into one. The tableware you carry with you is no longer clanging, just push it and turn it on and use it! With the "little hat", the entire set of card cards can be hung inside or outside the bag. Which one do you want to use today? Easily take it off with one hand, buckle it and take it away! **The tail end is small and ingenious, the round tip is easy to identify** The thoughtful design at the end makes it possible to distinguish the spoon and fork intuitively without opening the handle. **Smooth fog sand touch, meticulous eating experience** The tableware is made of 304 Stainless Steel, and after a number of processes, every detail is treated rigorously, showing every mouthpiece perfectly. The classic style of mouth card tableware is available in four colors, and the color of the cap and tableware is a fixed match. 🔔 Small reminder: The color of the product will be affected by the color difference of different screens, the light of the shooting location, and the different perceptions of each person's definition of color. Please refer to the actual product for the color. **The components can be disassembled to clean zero dead corners** There is no composite material and glue for the mouth card tableware. The components can be completely disassembled after use, and any grooves can be cleaned. **Enjoy food without burden, no need to share tableware with others** The guilt of disassembling the plastic cover of disposable chopsticks and the tension of sharing tableware with strangers; you have a new choice that takes into account environmental protection, hygiene and convenience. **Accompany you wherever you go to eat** The breakfast shop at the entrance of the alley, the lo-mei stall on the side of the road, the Bing Bing in the market, and the salty crispy chicken in the night market are delicious food artifacts that are easy to carry anywhere! -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- The classic card is matched with the snow-white high-quality gift packaging, which is very suitable for your own collection or gifting! **﹝Use teaching﹞** **﹝Precautions﹞** ❶ The new product will be tighter at first use, according to the secret card to help the carrara tendon, adjust the tightness that suits you best ❷ Please use a soft sponge to clean, do not scrub with a vegetable cloth or steel brush to avoid scratches on the surface ❸ It can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but it is recommended not to use ultraviolet high temperature drying to delay the service life of the plastic handle **﹝Product specifications﹞** Origin: Taiwan Material: [soup spoon] 304 Stainless Steel/ [fork] 304 Stainless Steel [Grip] PP polypropylene/ [Small cap] PP polypropylene/ [Hanging hook] Aluminum-magnesium alloy Size: [whole set storage] length 100 x width 41 x thickness 27 mm [Single assembly] Length 169 x Width 40 x Thickness 13 mm [Single storage] Length 100 x Width 40 x Thickness 13 mm Weight: [the entire set of port cards] about 64g [Single port card] About 30g Patent number: M578977


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