[Wan Fu Xuan] original taste chicken fine gift box group (2 boxes) 20 into - limited home

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The raw materials are guaranteed: Using the wild deer chicken with the production history, the source can be traced, and Jiankang is guaranteed. Pure hand-made: Distilled from distillation. Degreasing. In addition to impurities, the whole process is hand-c


10ml x 60


[Wan Fu Xuan] original taste chicken fine gift box group (2 boxes) 20 into - limited home


That day, Wang’s smile was as bright as the sun outside the window. It was only a few weeks ago that Mother Wang was still worried about sitting in the living room. At that time, the cancerous friend had just received chemotherapy, and his appetite was weak due to side effects, which led to a decline in both mental and physical strength. Seeing that my friends and my family have suffered for a long time, Wang’s mother can’t bear it. "What can I do to help them?" Mother Wang kept asking herself and thinking. She remembered that people who were sick in the early days relied on drinking chicken essence to supplement their qi. When Agong was sick, Auntie also caught chickens raised at home, and personally made chicken essence for the body, but now he does not inherit. The ancient hand-dropped chicken essence technology! Mother Wang began to use the small tarts to make chicken essence at home, and the cockroaches were smashed, and each cockroach was carefully dripped for more than 12 hours. As if the heavenly arrangement is like a good place, Ms. Wang has more than 30 years of experience in the nutrition chicken farm. She is extremely sensitive and extremely picky about the quality of the chickens. Combining the ancient methods of hand-made, the perfect recipe for every drop of chicken. Not only help friends gradually regain their health, but also let the smile re-emerge in the friend's home, brighter than Wang's mother's face. Since then, Ms. Wang has squandered the chicken essence for every sick or needy relatives to supplement the nutrition and restore vitality. As long as you look at your friends who are healthy again, you will feel happy, and you will feel that the accurate chicken is a healthy and healthy choice for modern people. In the spring of 2012, the eldest daughter was produced in the United States. Mother Wang flew to the United States to help her daughter sit on the moon. Of course, I did not forget to personally make the chicken essence to supplement the vitality of the eldest daughter. During the United States, the idea of promoting hand-dried chicken essence was also born. After returning to Taiwan, after two years of thinking and preparation, Wang’s mother decided to set up her own brand: Wanfuxuan Drop Chicken, which shows that every drop of chicken comes from “Thousands of Thousands A place where everything is good and good, and brings thousands of good nutrition. Wanfuxuan's birth of chicken essence comes from the original intention of Wang Mama to help people and insist on the concept of hand-made system. The mother's mood is guarded on the side of the fire, and the best heat is mastered day and night to ensure that the nutrition of each drop of chicken essence is pure and perfect. Wanfuxuan drop chicken essence is not only trustworthy, but also the most chicken essence. It is willing to make the essence of chicken essence by hand, and nourish and nurse everyone's health. This is the story of Wan Fu Xuan founder Wang Mama, and it is also your health essentials. Because Wanfuxuan Drop Chicken is a pure natural extract drink, so... * The sediment in the bag is a natural substance produced by the essence of bone marrow. Please eat with peace of mind. * Gout, high blood pressure and kidney disease, please consult a doctor and drink (high protein, high sodium food) * Not recommended for children under 2 years old * Children under the age of 12 drink as appropriate * Please drink once after heating, do not freeze or refrigerate again ✔ SGS Nutrition Report - YES ✔ SGS E. coli report - negative PASS ✔ SGS Staphylococcus aureus - negative PASS ✔ SGS Salmonella - negative PASS ✔ SGS preservative acid - no PASS detected ✔ SGS Preservative Ester - No PASS detected ✔ SGS hormone drugs - PASS not detected ✔ SGS Collagen - 32.80mg/g ✔ SGS plasticizer / plasticizer - PASS not detected ✔ SGS NY/LLDPE bag total migration test - no PASS detected ✔ SGS NY/LLDPE bag total alcohol migration test - PASS not detected ✔ SGS NY/LLDPE bag olive oil total migration test - PASS not detected Ingredients: Taitung Luye Native Chicken (fed for 90 days into chicken) Storage method: cryopreservation Shelf life: Within 6 months from the date of manufacture (within 4 months of the best taste period) How to drink: * Water-proof heating (100-degree hot water soak for 5 minutes, you can also increase the heat of the chicken in the replacement of hot water) * Electric cooker / microwave heating (open the outer bag, pour into the bowl to heat)


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