Day of Bag | Bird Dessert Flower Cloth. Eco Straw Cloth Cover. Japanese Flower Cloth. Making. Pen Cover. Pen Bag

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Make orders one by one, so that the really needed objects are produced in this world. // You can privately take screenshots of the fabrics in the hall you like, confirm with Xiaohua whether the fabrics are enough, and discuss the products in the hall. // Estimate based on size fine-tuning and fabric. // Manual cutting, there will be no precision in mass prod



Day of Bag | Bird Dessert Flower Cloth. Eco Straw Cloth Cover. Japanese Flower Cloth. Making. Pen Cover. Pen Bag

商品説明 **Hello,** Thank you for coming. This is a sister shop of Hanamikoro and handmade shoes. Using the cloth we have obtained in the countries we have traveled and lived with, and the inspiration of Yoshihika Katane in life, or a "if ..., better." For example, when Newton was hit by an apple, one by one, Cut and cut by hand, you are also welcome to write to discuss fabrics and styles, and order exclusive items. ・ Product name: environmental protection straw cover (general use of chopstick cover) Material: cotton and linen, YKK zipper Origin: Taiwan ・ **General dimensions of straws and chopsticks:** 1. Width: 6m 2. Height: 23cm Manual measurement, the error is within the normal range of ± 1cm ・ **Hand-made works intimate little Ding Dong ~ Please confirm before ordering:** 1. Due to different screen displays, there may be a difference between the actual color of the product and the screen display. 2. The fabric products are randomly cut, and the position of the same fabric pattern will be slightly different. ・ **Online customer service:** Every Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. ・ **Design and production:** Starting from life, using the softness and toughness of plants, and the simplest and naturally attractive patterns of cloth flowers, it becomes a carry-on object, a bag, and a piece of clothing that directly contacts the skin. "Turn those fruits of wind, plants, and sunlight into pieces of cloth to accompany your life." The making of each flower cloth is "taken from heaven and earth, and used for heaven and earth." Because I know that it has been meticulous, I do not want to give up at will. For them, needlework is one of the most intimate and convenient ways of expression, maybe like paper and pen, like music, like a meal prepared by yourself, and piecemeal cloth. Resurrected in their hands, reorganized to a ruler-like spool, and returned to the original creation feeling: you will see in the small sewing room: Rhythmic lines, expressive cloth, and radians that reflect the mood of the creator. "Take home and make them your souvenirs."


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