Dark gray - suede roping bracelet (can also be used as a necklace)

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Dark gray - suede roping bracelet (can also be used as a necklace)


♥ LYLA.Accessories ♥ hands around and Trade Descriptions (bracelet) × × hand around the part The amount of hands around can take a piece of paper tape or live around your wrist, and then spread out after marking a good ruler amount. Please send us your wrist just size (cm), and then want to talk to your belt loose or tight. Each style with seed beads Charm accessories are not the same, so there will be some dimension error. Not every one can be 100% ㄧ sample size, mind if guests do not buy Oh! Once again explained: "Hand Wai Measurement" Hands around the size can be customized, so do not worry too large or too small. Hand circumference in centimeters do the calculation, with a rope around the hand in a circle, do the next mark, then ruler to measure. We need your hand "real Wai", so do not amount too loose or too tight. ✝LYLA.Accessories bracelet Instructions ✝ We have used the bracelet Beads, candy beads, jade, semi-precious stones or minerals (Agate, honey jade, turquoise, dyed turquoise, clam, chalcedony, crystal ... etc) ❤ Some parts are also limited, so it is difficult to miss buy the same style. Bracelet colors may differ depending on the computer screen, the view can not buy friends. Album in Po bracelet hand almost around 14.5 to 15 cm, So the number of beads will vary with different size hands around. So some hands around less than or greater than the bracelet with beads 14.5 ~ 15cm will be different Oh! × Q & A × ✿ When you receive a bracelet, to bathe or sweat, it is recommended that you do not wear. When hand-washing Useful ✿ wet, or dry with a hair dryer. ✿ bracelet line used in Japan or imported crystal elastic line of silk thread, Basically do not wear off too violent, bracelet is not broken. ✿ some silverware or metal beads may be worn long after the black, which is a normal phenomenon. ✿ If you want silver surface a little brighter with a little longer to save, you can do with a silver cleaning cloth wipe, A layer of transparent nail polish to reduce oxidation of the circumstances of his blackened or rub. Comply with the above uses can protect and extend the life and quality of your bracelet. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan