Countdown in December, MU / s craft, wool ball ranch, crochet warm mouth warmer

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After purchasing a ticket, Pinkoi will provide a proof of successful ticket purchase in the station letter and will not send physical tickets. On the day of the event, please enter the station after presenting the letter from the station.
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Countdown in December, MU / s craft, wool ball ranch, crochet warm mouth warmer


The weather is getting colder, but the heart is getting warmer—because the days of joy celebration are near! From November to December,**Pinkoi Pinpin Academy**will take everyone to convey thanks, decorate Christmas, countdown to the New Year, invite each of you to participate in the celebration, and welcome the new year with the countdown. **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy**Invitation**MU / s craft**In this crochet warm and warm mouth gold bag experience activity, take everyone to learn the basic hands-on and practical needlework of crochet knitting, weaving round The basics of the bag, the weaving skills of any color, and most importantly, the opening hardware installation method. After attaching the strap, it can be used as a small bag to go out lightly; or without a strap, it can be used as a small bag. During the event, you will get: a piece of gold with a size of 15 cm, two balls of wire, and one crochet; hardware installation tools are used. Reference for the size of the model: 15 cm wide, 19 cm wide, 12 cm tall. The easy-to-open frog-mouth opening has a retro cuteness, and uses warm wool to match any color you like, and crochet to create a gold pocket that can easily go out. **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy Cooperative Brand | MU / s craft Yarn Ball Ranch** Through the knitting experience, we will repeatedly confirm the heart we want to convey in the slow time of knitting. Two cats and one person. Created a brand in 2012, focusing on the design and teaching of beginner weaving workshops, nomadic in various places. The work uses natural materials as a starting point, and establishes a unique brand impression through a simple and simple concept. At the same time, in the process of experiencing the material, it seeks more playfulness and possibility of hand-made design. Teaching experience Xue XueStudy on Culture, Creativity and Weaving Cooperative teaching in hand-made classrooms across Taiwan POP UP ASIA x Maker's Base Tokyo グ ロ ー バ ル ワ ー ク シ ョ ッ プ book 2015, "My Happy Weaving Time: 30 Lessons of Yarn Ball Ranch", Wenjingshe. 2018, "The weaving of straw hats: full disassembly of the basic hat type, free choice of tops and brim designs and changes, and hooking out popular classic hand-woven hats", Creative Market **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy refreshment brand | Park Shi Studio** To eat is not just to put food in your mouth, but to make people have a stronger relationship with the land; Natural ingredients and real hand-made products are our imagination of high-quality and healthy life. **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy Event Venue | Pinkoi Space** The Pinpin Academy event will be held in Pinkoi's own space, allowing Pinyin friends to shape their memories together with designers in Pinkoi's dreamy atmosphere. ▶ Event Information ・ Date: 12/01 & 12/08 (Sat) 10: 00–13: 00, 2 days required ・ Number of people: 20 people / field ・ Contains: experience activity, one piece of 15 cm large mouth gold, two wires of optional wire, one crochet hook; use of hardware installation tools, one refreshment ・ Location: Xiangyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ・ Access: Take the MRT to Exit 4 of National Taiwan University Hospital Station and walk for 1 minute ▶ Cautions ・ If you need to reschedule, please refund your ticket and buy it again. ・ You must be at least 12 years old to register for this event. ・ Ticket purchasers are restricted to participate. Those who have not purchased tickets are not allowed to accompany the admission and participate together. ・ If the number of applicants for this event does not reach 10 people three days before the event start date, Pinkoi reserves the right to cancel the event or notify the product friend to change the event or refund. ・ Admission is open 15 minutes before the event. In order to make the experience run smoothly, please be careful not to be late. You will not be able to enter the venue if you are late for more than 30 minutes. ・ Tea bags and water dispensers will be available at the event. Please bring your own water bottle or cup. ・ Pinyou shall abide by the rules of the venue and cooperate with the instructions of the lecturer. If any violations cause damage, Pingyou shall be responsible. ▶ Ticket purchase notice ・ Ticket description . Single ticket NT $ 1,980 . 10% off for two-person package NT $ 3,564 (NT $ 1,782 per person) ・ Ticketing Rules **. After purchasing a ticket, Pinkoi will provide a proof of successful ticket purchase in the station letter and will not send physical tickets. On the day of the event, please go to the registration office and present your registration notice or order form to enter the venue.** **. If the refund is due to personal factors, a 30% handling fee will be charged.** . If the participation is discontinued due to non-accountable Pinkoi factors, no refund will be given. . If you need to issue a unified invoice, please provide the unified information and notify Pinkoi 3 days before the start date of the course. If it is overdue, the invoice will not be replaced. . No refunds can be made within 20 days before the event. . In case of refund or cancellation of the course, the full authority of the invoice discount operation will be handled by Guoyi Wenchuang. . If the class is suspended due to force majeure and other factors, Pinkoi will take the initiative to contact the extension or refund. In the event of a typhoon, the standard for class suspension and refunds announced by the venue of the event is the start and refund criteria, regardless of the participant ’s location. . The hand book is shown as an example. The actual MU activity provides styles or personal carry. . The experience event will be recorded by the organizer as required. Participants who purchase the event will be deemed to be authorized by the organizer to use the photos and videos containing your portrait for event records or other admissions channel promotion purposes.