Succulents & Cement Pots [Eagle Claw] Home Desserts

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[Important must read] ● This product is ordered for order. After the payment, the goods are produced for 7 - 10 working days. (Do not include holidays) After waiting for 2 working days (excluding holidays), the maximum waiting time is 12 days. Each piece i


Succulents & Cement Pots [Eagle Claw] Home Desserts

商品説明 **At home, the god of the door, the phlegm and blood oxygen! — Coral cockroach, talons** New Year's lucky, good luck all the way, ready to open the window to welcome the good luck of the New Year, But what about the outside suffocating you? Come and do your homework, Put a pot of sputum in the front of the window sill. The best place for meaty is the balcony, which can both dispel the outside suffocation and clear the oxygen. In addition, the helium gas under the beam is pressed down, it is not appropriate to use the scorpion plant, you can choose the succulent succulent variety! It is recommended here that the coral cockroach of the genus Euphorbiaceae and the eagle claw of the lily family. Coral cockroach, also known as silver coral, is thriving because of its strong growth ability. The talons, also known as the eagle claw aloe, the tiger eagle claw, Its shape, such as the eagle's claws spiral upward, has the intention of protecting the thief! Not only that, the coral is big, its shape is erect and dense, and there is a promotion; The talons, whose claws are covered inward, have money to catch money and keep a treasure! Under the combination, not only can you reduce your oxygen, but you can also fight for thieves! If you want to enjoy the festive blessings, it is the best choice for this year's meaty guards! **|Content |** - Planting Single Plant & Cement Pot - Size (cm): This model is about 6.5/inside diameter 4/height 3/cm **|Important|** - This item is**order order**. After payment, the product is**7 - 10 business days. (Does not include holidays) Wait 2 business days after sending (excluding holidays)**, the maximum waiting time is 12 days, each piece is handmade by the designer, good works need**please be patient**. The natural flowers and plants are different, and the finished products will not be exactly the same as the photos. Please believe in the theme of the works and the concepts to be conveyed. |**What kind of packaging do you want? |** **Free simple packaging (right)** **Increase the price of classic fancy packaging (see the left side of the building limit map)** **(The box will change depending on the size of the product, the picture is shown)** **(The package will change depending on the size of the product. The price increase package cannot specify the flower material. Please believe in the concept we convey to the work.)** **| Plant Care |** **| Please pay attention before buying |** - Planting will change with the seasons, the variety will be the same, but the**will not be exactly the same as the photo**perfectionist, please consider before buying. - Cement products, the specified color is not accepted, each handpiece is unique, and the hand-made cement pot**has a hole on the surface**and the**unfixed shape will not be exactly the same as the photo**, perfectionist, please consider before buying. **|Return products|** - If the cement is not broken, it will not be damaged and will not be returned or returned. - During the transportation process, the work will be slightly detached.**If the whole work is disintegrated or the plant breaks seriously, it will not be returned.**Perfectionist, please consider before buying. **| I am eager to find us |** - If you have any questions, please leave a private message. - [Plant & Flora Studio] - [Participate Development Department Jewelry Department]


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