Soul Dreamcatcher Xiangyang Huanghua | Custom handmade ornaments for small gifts

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Dream catcher is a handicraft spread by North American tribes, catching nightmares and praying for good dreams, but yoyo's dream catcher is different. It is a concrete fabric of everyone's soul. It honestly shows different energy and life issues, a



Soul Dreamcatcher Xiangyang Huanghua | Custom handmade ornaments for small gifts


【**Any dream catcher in the custom hall will have a soul message from yoyo**】 【**can choose whether you need to purchase a custom Dreamcatcher soul message in the specifications**】 [**Handwriting the soul message on the card and sending it to your hand with Dream Catcher**] [**Soul Dreamcatcher will give you adjustments and releases in life issues and energy, so that you can light up a guiding lamp on the road of life**] - ♪ Customized service can be discussed. This style is mainly used to change the color of cotton and fringe. (You can also choose whether to give blessings via__高 我 链接__) ♪ If you need**Complete Soul Customization**(provide different textures and soul information through__high__), the price will also be different, welcome message inquiry ~ "YoYo Hakushu | What is Higher Self" Everyone has a higher self. The existence of the higher self is the source of your soul, the closest to God's self, and they look at our lives from a higher perspective. They know our blueprints and soul memories for each life , So you can give advice on your life and direction by connecting with your higher self. They will help you through all the topics you have arranged in your life. And yoyo ’s soul dream catcher, by linking the high self to each of the friends who want to support, has its own special texture and energy display, placing the blessings and mentions of the high self in the dream catcher to give everyone the warmest from Inner support :) - "This dream catcher" **YoYo Hakusho | Soul Dreamcatcher | Xiangyang Huanghua** When you are confident, You will feel a passion, a vitality, Extend from all sides of your belly to your body, You will lift your chest and strengthen your spine, Dancing to your inner light, Looking forward to the arrival of each day, Naturally, it fascinates. - This is the solar plexus full of energy flow, If you see warmth or anything, It's resonating with you, Let you know to believe in your good feelings. - Too many people are stuck in the subject of self-worth, What you need is to recognize your deficiencies first, And knowing what you have, Not arrogant or arrogant, Fill your heart with what you like and excel at, Then learn how not to deny yourself, Even if you have those flaws, you still have the courage to face them, You still know that you deserve better! In this way, it is possible to gradually turn these lacks into your beauty! - "Dream Catcher Material" Cover the iron ring with cotton thread, The lanyard and net are made of cotton. Use tassel form below, Add a sense of childishness. - "Dream Catcher Size" Circle diameter 10 cm Total length 32 cm (including lanyard) - "Creation Content of Dreamcatcher" Hand-woven in Taiwan 【**Any dream catcher in the custom hall will have a soul message from yoyo**】 【**can choose whether you need to purchase custom earrings in the specifications**】 [**Handwriting the soul message on the card and sending it to your hand with Dream Catcher**] - "Dream Catcher Packaging" The dream catcher is basically fixed in cardboard, And non-woven bags as packaging, Attaching a blessing card allows you to receive support from the soul. If you want to give a gift, welcome to tell your friend ’s name and photo in the message. Will also connect your friends with the higher self to give soul messages! - "YoYo Hakushu | Soul Dream Catcher" YoYo itself is a psychic, a soul communication healer, Good at using soul communication, pet communication, chakra energy and body healing, Because I like the temperature of hand-made, I combine my talent with the web-weaving technology in the memory of the soul. ), There will also be physical and mental experience courses on Pinkoi, and everyone is welcome to inquire about course cooperation. Dreamcatcher is a handicraft handed down by the Ojibwa in North America. They believe that hanging the dream catcher will cause good dreams to flow through the gaps in the net, Down the feathers in the child's dreamland, and the nightmare will be caught in the net, At sunrise, the sun dissipated them. Willow branches loop, silk thread shuttle, Ore contained in the earth and feathers of power animals, Interweaving nature's love for humankind with grace in every part of life, Let Dream Catcher be a precious thing for blessings. Different from seeing dream catchers in the past, yoyo's soul dream catcher Different special stories are conveyed through special textures, Materialize the soul energy of everyone, Into beautiful fabrics that support everyone, Showing a different energy field and life issues, Connect your heart more with soul messages, Find an outlet for worry and dominate your life. You can intuitively choose the web you want, You can also ask yoyo your soul story, Let me make your dream catcher for your soul energy, Give you a higher awareness. - "Precautions for Dreamcatcher" ♪ Hand-made goods are independently hand-made, and some details will be different. Each is a unique child. Please accept the order! ♪ There will be some traces of glue residue or finishing marks on the dream catcher, but the purpose is to make the weaving net stronger. These are also the temperature of hand-made. If you are willing to buy, you accept it. Do not accept it as a reason for return! ♪ The materials used by Dreamcatcher will change due to the humidity and temperature of the place where it is placed, as well as the sun, which is normal. Feathers are afraid of water and fire. If it is bifurcated, it is better to gently arrange with index finger and thumb. Weaving nets are afraid of sharp objects approaching, try to keep them away! ♪ As long as it is a dream catcher with a soul link, there will be a period of energy conversion after receiving the real product. Welcome to yoyo to give back your status ~ ♪ The production time of completely soul-customized Dream Catcher is not necessarily, you need to wait for your higher self to pass the message to start production, if you are a hurry friend, try not to choose! - "Precautions for Orders and Shipping" ♪ Every item in our library is produced after receiving the order and shipped in order, so please be patient! ♪ If you are a hurry friend, welcome message to ask the delivery time, and then place an order after confirmation! ♪ Only after the payment is set up, will the order be entered. ♪ The production time for semi-customization (mainly changing colors based on this model) is about 5 days. You can ask the message for waiting time to confirm that you can place an order again. - "I'm glad you chose Yoyo's soul dream catcher, I hope you can have a self-healing with yourself through this weaving net ~ "


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