Xmas Tree [German of the Messenger - Hermes] Dry Flower Christmas Tree Christmas Decoration

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Xmas Tree [Secret God - Hermes] Dry Flower Christmas Tree


Xmas Tree [German of the Messenger - Hermes] Dry Flower Christmas Tree Christmas Decoration


According to legend, Germany in the sixteenth century, People saw the distant stars on the pine trees on the side of the road. I feel very beautiful. Take the small pine trees along the roadside home. And put the candle on the tree, Let the interior layout be warm and beautiful. Passers-by, friends and family, I feel that the interior is bright because of the beautiful arrangement. Also have begun to arrange a cute and decorative tree! It turns out that this is the origin of the Christmas tree! Christmas tree and Christmas wreath are also a very important holiday symbol Decoration at home And through the heart and effort of family and friends Decorate and put on some warm little things The whole space is warm and warm. **main look** **God of the Messenger - Hermes Hermes / Mercury Mercury** https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/p8a0w3yB7tPOni6Xifa-L_6ipXt0qhsUdqEZSHkVLuZJcLGbxxawRoiMsRY=w700?.jpg Hemis is in charge of communication, business, thieves, literature and correspondence, travel, sports. Most of the stadiums have erected the statue of Hermes to pray for his blessing and pay tribute. The people will put a statue of his statue at home to avoid thief invasion. And worship him and pray for peace when he travels abroad. Because Hermes is also the first doctor in the history of surgery, So the ancient medical center will also display his famous image: He holds the scepter, has wings on his pole, and has a double snake winding. Flower language: smart, free, energetic Color system: blue, green, white **size** About 24 cm in diameter The height is about 30 cm **Care** * The flowers are all dry flowers, and the best viewing period is 3-6 months. *Depending on the environment, if there is embrittlement or a change in color, it is normal. * Avoid environmental humidity or direct sunlight. * If there is dust, use a small brush or a blower to cool the dust. * love him. **Notes** *This product is only sent to Taiwan Island * Flowers and dry flowers are all natural species. It is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate them when making them, but we can't guarantee 100% perfection. If you care about not buying them. * The photos are taken in real time. Because they are handmade and the shapes, sizes and postures of the flowers are different, there is no way to make the same photos as the products, but it is guaranteed to give you the same color and style as the photos. . * In case of shortage of flowers, there will be slight changes in the matching, but the overall color is the main feeling. * In the photo, wrapping paper, flower, ribbon and other accessories will be replaced by similar containers or accessories when out of stock. * It is normal for the risk of shipping on the delivery of floral goods and the dropping of some flowers. * If there is any serious damage after receiving the gift, please contact the photo and text within 24hr. TFC will handle it according to the situation and will not accept it after the time.


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