Spring day - cherry blossom soap

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Soaking olive oil with cherry blossoms, plus top-grade fragrance, make seasonal limited-edition soap



Spring day - cherry blossom soap


**Brand spirit** Happy, sharing, natural Bathing and cleaning every day, soap is a very personal thing. The time of immersion in soap can always draw a lot of memories about taste. The story of love soap is to talk about the love of soap, and it all comes from Sharing everything beautiful. Because of the joy of soaping, Ai Butterfly is committed to making handmade soap into an industry. By holding the teaching instructions of soap party and soap making, we can share soap and enjoy the good time of handmade soap. https://cdn01.pinkoi.com/store/ideeherbe/banner/2/725x150.jpg Soap is very simple and difficult. A soap, involving oily aroma, plant, color, spiritual level, environmental identity, etc., and even extended cultural creativity, is itself a complex knowledge. It is not difficult to make soap technology, but make a good soap. Very difficult. Ai Die uses the most advanced natural oils, and together with the agricultural products in Taiwan, each soap adheres to the handmade, and waits for two months. https://farm9.static.flickr.com/8731/28223074622_740982c290_z.jpg **Product desciption** In the spring of northern Taiwan, Wulai, the sun penetrates the cherry forest, occasionally the wind comes, the cherry blossoms like rain A charming, nourishing scent of lavender, sweet cherry berry fragrance That taste, as if visiting the afternoon forest, the hair still leaves the fragrance of the sun Pink energy symbolizes "love" Protecting the chest of the human chakra, that is, the heart wheel, brings the flow of joy and joy Chun Ying quietly brings the blessings of Chunshen, and this soap full of happiness, has already contained the harbinger of love... ★ Spring day rotten - cherry blossom soap ★ A little bit of cherry red makeup into the soap Provence lavender and cherry blossom berry floral intertwined into a dreamlike pleasant spring landscape Moisturizing oil in warm and cold weather Protect sensitive skin with just the right amount of moisture When the spring is cold, the season is still beautiful. https://farm9.static.flickr.com/8746/28291474416_88112e8377_z.jpg Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, olive oil Lavender oil / cherry berry fragrance Suitable for neutral sensitive skin Aidie Herb is a young handmade soap brand. It is a combination of a number of handmade soap teachers, hands-on teachers, public relations experts, financial industry, e-commerce authority, and business owners. Founded in 2013, Aidie is a life aesthetics teaching and training platform that spans the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. It connects many universities in Taipei and Shanghai. It hopes to convey the concept of organic, peaceful and sharing, and uses soap as a carrier to tell many stories about life. https://farm9.static.flickr.com/8743/28248420741_3ed65e4b4b_z.jpg In Taiwan, I talked about the story of Chishangmi with soap. I talked about rice and earth and the feelings of hometown. I also talked about the story of red beans, talking about the sky, the environment, and sustainable development. In Shanghai, I talked about the intimacy between my mother and my baby. ※ 2014, Ai Die talks about handwriting and sharing ※ In 2015, Ai Die talked about small farmers, land and emotions. ※ 2016, we are talking about love and care https://farm9.static.flickr.com/8712/28292714066_d4f4e00f8e_z.jpg **Precautions** [Recommended use]: wash your face, bath, wash your hands, shampoo [Others]: The foam is soft and soft, but the foaming degree is weak. If you want to bathe, you can use it to make the bath ball. [Storage period]: Within two years of ripening [Storage environment]: dry, ventilated, no sun exposure [Usage]: Clean the foam with water, only after the soap is used, keep the soap surface dry and prolong the use time. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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