2018 spring and summer adults reversible wear Japanese-style smock # price is different

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Improved Japanese-style smock can be reversible One side of the flower Let you walk windy Japan and South Korea design c



2018 spring and summer adults reversible wear Japanese-style smock # price is different


Want to see more pictures can be message service ~ Due to the fact that most of the spot goods have been sold, it is necessary to set a restriction before the end of June. (At present, there are 10 rows of orders. Please do not wait for orders.) Orders must be ordered together, so custom services are only open until the end of May 2018! ----- Due to the different unit price of the fabric, please confirm the color and price before the order. I will open another exclusive store. Version introduction: finally come!!! Everyone waited!! Japanese-style blouses have always been a style that I really want to do. After all, the child's flatness is my starting point. Researched a lot of very flat / feather knit / yukata, etc. on the market I think it's still a bit too OVER, the actual wear is not so high But today this is definitely a blouse with a real 100 points~ I retained the elements of the kimono banding Also made a big threshold to push Sleeve is sleeved In short, there is a Japanese-style smock that has been modified to compare the daily version. I also want to break everyone's wear habits Long version of smock is safe I know But it is to break through myself - so I'm out of this little challenging card! Beautiful colors do not have to say What is amazing is that when you don’t want to spend it, you can turn it into a prime quality baby. Tied with a hole to wear out, absolutely no Kaka Because it is done very loosely, there will be a natural wave A degree when the bandage is tied up. It's really beautiful! There is a handsome sense of tune when you let go It's a full dress Can be accompanied by any clothing! There is also a v-neckline, which is a detail I love very much. Ah, there are two small pockets!!! Although small but the pocket is important I really know It may cause sweating during summer and it is recommended to wear it in spring or autumn. Or when the sun coat is also a good choice (but it will still burst sweat) It was originally intended to be launched last fall, but it has been really busy all the time. It can only become spring-summer products, and it is strictly suitable for the weather in Taiwan. So, it takes a long time! High playing rate # Exclusive Design # Never Zhuangshan #Limited Offer Small reminder Washing will become softer Cuffs and plackets are intentional 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍! This is common sense! #Photographic light is different in some colors, so there will be a small color difference Please look at the numbered fabrics! ● fabric introduction: # Kagoshima 睦----Korean cloth, surface sanding This is my favorite ceramicist Kagoshima Totem! How to say must grab It was the sight of this fabric that inspired me to make a blouse. Because it is so beautiful, but the child's clothing is a bit mature, it is better to do it for yourself! # Black and white cut: - Korean cloth. General cotton thickness In addition to the flowers that also want a more handsome geometry, I found this not so neat square cake. It's a bit cool but slightly silly Black and white gray control must start this! Ps. This will be a yukata, want parents and children to start with preferential prices # Pearl series--Japanese cloth, general cotton thickness This extra large, irregular feeling is like a pearl milk tea The large, calm point is very stylish ● Size: Women's Adult Free size (General size can be worn) Chest width 66/length 53/sleeve length 50cm Manual measurement of 1~2cm error is a normal range ●Color: [B]: Kagoshima 睦-Orange Blue/Blue Fabric [C]: Kagoshima 睦 - yellow ash / with cloth gray green [D]: Black and White Cut/Bomi ●B/C/D Price: 1880 -------- [E]: Brown sugar pearls/cloth grey green [F]: Seaweed Pearl/Blue ●E/F Price: 2080 ● Production time is about 2~3 weeks Can wait for another order Washing method It is recommended that the hand wash test be dyed first (I will have a slight fading on dark fabrics) After washing 1.2 times, it will not fade again. It is recommended that dark and light colors be washed separately. Wash laundry with a washing machine Do not dry, dry in the shade ============================= ☻ Muua exclusive collar/tag/outer packaging ☻ South Korea and Japan synchronized colors ☻ Old Experience Taiwan Sampler Full Support ☻ quality is very good, no counters # Because the pattern of the fabric is irregular, the pattern of each cut will be slightly off, and people who don't mind will order again. Use cloth Select Korea/Japan latest cloth The latest color! Let you in front ~


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