【Japan】 Wood building blocks - TSUMIKI large building blocks 28 groups | 100% natural, no chemical processing No paint

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【Japan】 Wood building blocks - TSUMIKI large building blocks 28 groups | 100% natural, no chemical processing No paint


Mokulock TSUMIKI large building blocks - 28 groups
This product contains 20 blocks of large building blocks and 8 pieces of large size and eye shape stickers. Made in Japan.
Carton size: about 212mm × 143mm × 51mm
Building block size (large building blocks): about 32mm × 64mm × 25mm
Building size (half size): about 32mm × 32mm × 25mm
Weight: about 500g

Note: Do not use children under three years of age to avoid the risk of swallowing.

Most of the children's wooden toy products on the market, in order to have a gorgeous appearance, most of them have a variety of processing, such as bright paint, color paint ... and so on, although many products have passed Non-toxic test, but these chemical processing, after all, non-natural products, more or less should also try to avoid contact, let alone many are European and American brands but for the other side of the manufacture, the use of cheap rubber wood, so anti-corrosion processing is inevitable ...

MOKULOCK is made from Japan's Yamagata Prefecture for cutting wood and wood. The whole products are made in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. They are made of logs and are not treated with chemical agents. They are free of preservatives, disinfectants, bright lacquers, maintenance oil and color Of the paint and glue. Is a natural health and safety, so that children can experience the natural feel of the original wooden toys.

There are too many trees in the forest caused by dry squeeze, leading to all the trees can not continue to grow and develop, this time will be a small number of trees, so that the rest of the trees can have more space to continue to grow in this non-large number of felling conditions Under the wood is the thinning of wood. Thinning trees are not a large number of deforestation or for the special production of trees planted a single tree species, so the damage to the forest is small, and contribute to the continued development of the original forest.

MOKULOCK manufacturer Ni ュ ー テ ッ ク シ ン セ イ has a unique production patent, and the product manufacturing patent has been applied through international patents, in the world are patent protection. The production process uses sophisticated cutting technology, so that different hardness, swelling and natural different wood, you can cut into small pieces of precision blocks, and size specifications are the same. The manufacturing process more general wood toys need more technology, not the market simply easy to make wooden toys.

MOKULOCK is made of six different tree species, not only warm wood texture, safe material, and has a different texture and natural fragrance, but also allow children to come into contact with different feelings. In addition, the use of this product does not require difficult technology and special tools, only need to play your imagination, will not be limited by the use of product design, you can play a great imagination, to express and create the style you want. Let the children's fingers flexible use, to promote creative development and play the imagination. In addition to children, adults can also use MOKULOCK to create a texture of the items.

MOKULOCK products in 2000 in Paris, France MAISON & OBJET exhibition to beat the 3000 exhibitors won the FIL VERT "GREEN" ITINERARY awards, has been selling more than 20 countries in Europe and America.

MOKULOCK products are made in Japan and are made of local materials in Japan. They include the European CE, EN71, North American ASTM F963-11, Australia / New Zealand AS / NZS, Canadian toy certification SOR / 2011-17, Japan ST, Taiwan CNS and other countries Certification. The manufacturing process has been filed with WIPO International Patent. Products without protective oil, no bright paint, no color paint, no anti-corrosion processing, no insecticide, bring you the most natural and safest fun.
Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Japan


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