Cute Cat Kitty Mini Dog Small Dog Bow Decoration Collar

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Cute kitty dog ​​cat bow decoration collar



Cute Cat Kitty Mini Dog Small Dog Bow Decoration Collar


Sneaking (TOTOMOMO), secretly, touching [I hope this gift and your love will help more stray animals. 】 TOTOMOMO will evaluate the shelters and halfway, deduct the cost and send everyone's love to help everyone with TOTOMOMO to help the homeless children. [Cute cat models] no out buckle 【blue】 【Beige】 [Product specifications] Suitable for cats and small dogs Neck size / 18-26 CM Bow Size / 8.5x4.5CM Collar width / 1CM Material / Japanese cotton + hardware + buckle Patterns / printed fabrics due to different cutting positions, resulting in the situation can not be the same pattern, each piece of printed cloth products are unique presence yo ~ Buckle / MIT pet safety buckle Bell / bell (pictured) [cloth] Fabric from: Japan imported cotton cloth 【button】 Plastic buckle, Taiwan's MIT pet safety buckle, 4 kilograms of pulling force can break free (humans can easily tear open), to prevent dogs and cats in the play / break / fight danger. 【Bell】 The bells are not loud, so if you need to change your favorite bell or hang your nameplate, you can open and replace the ring. Plain face 12mm Flower bell 14mm 【Precautions】 1. Product differences Each volume is handmade, if the following conditions are within the normal range 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如 如. ▪ Different merchandise prints (most of the printed cloths will not have exactly the same pattern position because of the different cutting positions. Each piece of printed cloth is a unique product.) ▪ Product size (normal error range 1cm~2cm) ▪ Product color difference ▪ A Mimi's thread ▪ Due to the original manufacturer's manual coating, bells may occasionally have color unevenness, but the elves will try to check off before shipment (ง๑•̀_•́). 2. Goods in stock The quantity on the shelf is all in stock. If there is a phenomenon that goods are out of stock, you can write a letter asking if it will be produced in the near future and cannot be updated in time. Please forgive me. 3. Ordering Non-spot commodities within the size of custom processing: ▪ Below neck 18cm + 30 yuan ▪ Neck circumference 20-30cm +30 yuan ▪ Neck circumference 30-40cm +50 yuan ▪ Neck circumference 40-50cm +100 yuan ▪ Increased bowtie revision: 11CM/smaller: 6.5CM + 50 yuan ▪ Change the dog buckle / plus leash buckle +50 yuan If you want to order, please write to us and ask if you would like to order the styles and fabrics or not (some fabrics are no longer available!) After confirming the style, fabric, and amount, you will open an exclusive store to you. After the payment is made, the production will start. The production time of the customized product is about 2~4 days. The production will help you to ship immediately. 4. Cleaning treatment 1. Because the cloth is mostly dyed/printed cotton, it will fade when exposed to water or strong light. 2. If there is a bell, remove the bell before launching to avoid rust. 3. Please use clean water for cleaning. 4. Hand wash or place the laundry bag in a machine wash. 5. Finally remember to take it out and dry it! (* ́∀`)~♥ 4. About replacement If the size does not need to be replaced, please comply with the following: ▪ No traces of use, damage, dirt, odor, moisture, water wash ▪ Complete goods, accessories, accessories, gifts, internal and external packaging Please take a photo and send a letter within 7 days. The elves will help you with the replacement. Please ask Mao Maoma to think clearly and order again. If you have any questions before buying, please feel free to ask. 5. About accessories If the product itself is free of replacement parts/commodities, the following items are replaceable: ▪ The bell is crushed due to shipping ▪ Hand-sewing is not solid enough to fall off ▪ Buttons are difficult to open/close If you encounter any of the above problems, please take a photo and send us a letter from the station telling us that we will help you with the replacement after the assessment. However, the button may be returned for pet bite damage. The buyer must be responsible for the freight. Thank you for all the purchases of Mao Dao Ma, because with your/Yan support, TOTOMOMO can continue to help stray animals and love them together for a lifetime ( ́,, ω•,,) ♡ Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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