ROPEshop [Scissors stone cloth] 925 sterling silver necklace pendant series.

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ROPEshop of [scissors, stones, cloth] 925 sterling silver necklace pendant series. Childhood memories, the classic game



ropeshop ショップへ

ROPEshop [Scissors stone cloth] 925 sterling silver necklace pendant series.


ROPEshop of [scissors, stones, cloth] 925 sterling silver necklace pendant series. - 1680 yuan
Childhood memories, the classic game of enduring ...

■ Size: Scissors pendant 9mmX6mm, stone pendant 7mmX6mm, cloth pendant 9mmx6mm
■ Material: 925 sterling silver wax casting, including 16-inch sterling silver necklace

※ Product photos due to the shooting conditions of the natural light or personal screen different color settings,
So there will be a slight color difference, handmade goods will be slightly micro-modeling differences in order to receive the actual color-based products.

※ Hong Kong customers please note that the sender is sent to Hong Kong by SF Express,
However, due to different delivery forms or locations, SF will have an additional charge of about (HKD $ 10 ~ $ 30)
Please refer to the website
Or you can also another on SF official website to do surcharge standard inquiries

**║ reminder instructions before ordering ║**
■ Museum are mostly low-sensitivity copper or copper alloy, but if the metal is susceptible to physical condition friends please avoid ordering.

■ Some of the material of the interior jewelry is copper or alloy plating color, non-pure gold jewelry can permanently retain color,
After use or for a period of time will be due to the environment damp, use or frequent,
Personal physical condition (such as easy to sweat) produce discoloration oxidation, it is recommended to accept the next please order.

■ ROPEshop handmade jewelry are ordered after the order will be customized, there is no cash available goods,
Therefore, according to your hand around the size or demand to do the length of the customized adjustment, and therefore not be subject to order after receiving the goods, the non-flaw problems require the return or replacement of goods.

■ hand circumference measurement method can be measured with a tape measure wrist bones, that is, the general position of wearing a watch, or take the line of clothing around a circle without tightening, and then flat with a ruler to measure the length.

■ Hand Wai size non-bracelet length, so the general order according to your hand around the bracelet diameter conditions,
Plus about 1cm ~ 1.5cm of the chain of space reserved for the loose degree of retention of finger buckle space,
It will not be deducted or too close to the problem.

■ jewelry maintenance advice is as follows:
1. Avoid getting jewelry wet, contact with acid-base body lotion, perfume and so on.
2. Avoid sweat wear and summer long wear.
3. Do not wear when sleeping, easy to cause friction and wear on the surface of the plated.
4. After removing the metal jewelry can be used to gently wipe the cloth with soft cloth or glasses (surface perspiration oil stains left),
After cleaning, it is stored in sealed bag or zipper bag.
5. In addition to unplated color of the naked sterling silver and k gold jewelry, do not use a silver polishing cloth or vigorously back and forth wipe, will cause the metal plating surface wear and tear.
6. Such plating metal jewelry with more consumables, it is recommended to do jewelry replacement and properly save to extend the beautiful life of accessories.


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