Goody Bag Value Pack I.

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Goody Bag - Value Fu Bag I-Japanese Mirror Comb (Blue Bear) + Little Dinosaur Balloon (Black) + Japanese Design Mug 300ml (Black)



Goody Bag Value Pack I.

商品説明 ●Japanese made mirror comb (blue bear) Origin / Japan Product specifications Length: about 13 cm Width: about 5.5 cm Rope length: about 33.5 cm Material: Aluminum Finish: Paint ●Little Dinosaur Balloon (Black) Origin / Japan Product specifications Material: natural rubber, food coloring Size: height 8 × width 15 × depth 5.5 cm Applicable age: 3 years old or above Origin: Japan #经经标准标准检局检合格# Precautions: 1. Do not eat for non-food use. 2. Must be over 3 years of age to use this product. 3. Because of the handmade balloons, the color of each balloon surface will be a bit different. 4. In order to make the balloon not self-adhesive, this product is attached to the balloon using natural talcum powder material. 5. Because it is made of natural rubber materials, there may be yellowing and non-quality problems. caveat: 1. Do not swallow unfilled balloons or broken balloons, which may cause suffocation. 2. Do not place unexpanded balloons in a child's accessible place; discard the broken balloons immediately. 3. Must be used under the direct guidance of an adult. ●Handy Bottle vacuum flask 300ml-black (Japanese design) Origin / China (Japanese design) Manufacturing Method / China (Japanese Design) Product specifications Material Inside the bottle: 304 stainless steel Outer bottle: 201 stainless steel Inside of the bottle mouth: 304 stainless steel Outside of the bottle mouth: 201 stainless steel Bottle mouth fittings: polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 120 ° C) Surface: paint coating Cap: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature 120 ° C) Seal: silicone Size is about 6×6×19.5cm Capacity is about 300ml Net weight about 220g (empty bottle) Precautions 1. Do not put carbonated beverages or dry ice, fermented drinks, etc., gas expansion may cause damage or danger to the goods. 2. Do not heat the product directly or near a fire source. 3. Do not inject acid and alkaline drinks. 4. Do not inject too much beverage. 5. Do not use in dishwashers and dryers. 6. Do not heat the product directly or near a fire source. 7. Do not drop or collide with a hard object such as a sharp object to avoid affecting the appearance. 8. To avoid storing hot water burns, do not drink quickly when using. 9. Do not place in a place where young children can get it.