Bagsmart Ride Backpack - XBP Backpacker

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Original X-FRAME decompression expansion system Travel / Business / Photography 3 modules Magnetic buckle design, easy to detach in one second Super water repellent, perfect protection inside the bag Ultra-function cache and pocket design



Bagsmart Ride Backpack - XBP Backpacker

商品説明 Overseas media reports Bagsmart's newly developed mad backpack has a full modular expansion system + comfortable carrying experience, suitable for work, photo or travel! The mad backpack will spread the balance of the bag's internal weight to the back without any feeling of fatigue or discomfort. A package to get all the situation! There are a lot of functions in the market, which are mainly for large-capacity and can hold various items. However, there is no storage module that has super high degree of freedom and arbitrarily changing needs. Bagsmart, which has always been dedicated to designing storage bags, this new mad backpack can use magnetic buckles to store items in the most labor-saving position, instead of being scattered in the bag space, ultra-smart design! Not only large capacity can accommodate a variety of equipment, the focus is to carry super comfortable, really the most mad travel and photography backpack! When using the back pack, the contents of the bag always sink to the bottom. Back for a long time, back pain, not to mention, the body is flat and deformed, the whole big NG Even if there is a mezzanine design, as long as the thing is more than one heavy, it is also a big bag at the bottom. The most tragic thing is that when you want to change the contents of the bag, it’s too much trouble to dig it out one by one. Finally give up the treatment, all the plugs go out... If you are also fed up with a flat, ugly and difficult back pack Be sure to try our latest development of the Bagsmart Crazy Backpack! 【 X-FRAME Decompression Expansion System】# An exclusive design that makes the bag stiff and functional ] In order to make the bag no longer back soft and able to adapt to various usage scenarios, we exclusively developed [X-FRAME decompression expansion system], embedded lightweight skeleton structure, directly sutured with the strap, with German patent FIDLOCK SNAP positioning Magnetic buckle, modularizing different storage spaces, storage, decompression, and stiffening once in place! #1. X-FRAME Lightweight Skeleton# Disperse the strap load, make the bag stiff and back The straps on the back of the market are directly sewn on the fabric, and the heavy weights are prone to tears and even breaks, not to mention the long-shouldered shoulders. The strap of the mad backpack is directly sutured with X-FRAME, spreading the pressure on the shoulder evenly to the back, and it is comfortable and not sore on the back. The decompression back pad of the mad backpack is made of fiber cooling foam, and the X-FRAME model has a ventilation and heat dissipation channel design. Unlike the city bread bag, the back is stuffy and hot, and the ugly and disgusting. #2. FIDLOCK SNAP Positioning Magnetic Buckle Design# Things don't pile up at the bottom, soothing the waist pressure The X-FRAME skeleton has made the bag stiff enough, but the FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic buckle design that really makes the mad backpack not collapsed, positioning the items that would sink to the bottom on the top of the bag, and evenly dispersing the weight. Throughout the back X Everyone can imagine that when moving the big brother in the refrigerator, the refrigerator will be placed on the back to spread the weight evenly. The crazy backpack is the application of this principle! If the weight is concentrated at the bottom of the bag, just like moving the big brother, if you use the power of the waist to smash the refrigerator, you may have disabled XD. Combined with the characteristics of [X-FRAME + FIDLOCK SNAP Decompression Expansion System], we designed 3 sets of travel, business and photography for the practical situation of daily life, and a total of 6 sets of special storage bags! Next, let us introduce the "8 major product features" of [Bagsmart Crazy Backpack]: 1. Travel / Business / Photography 3 Major Modules# Travel X set [ Crazy backpack + carry-on bag + clothing storage bag + toiletries bag Clothing storage bag Toiletry bag Business B set Crazy backpack + carry-on bag + wire storage bag + laptop / file bag Notebook / document storage bag The pencil case can hold 15 吋 macbook pro Wire storage bag Photography P set Crazy backpack + carry-on bag + camera bag + lens bag Camera bag It’s okay to put the whole camera and the empty camera together in the camera bag! Lens bag The camera bag & lens bag have adjustable devil felt design, which can be adjusted and protected according to the replacement camera and lens. 2. Intimate weight configuration standard According to the principle of “weight-average dispersion to the entire back”, we assign weight distribution on red and blue labels on the six modular storage bags: the upper layer of the weight is a red label, and the lighter one is a blue label. Lower level. 3. Each module comes with a functional pouch If you want to function, you have to function in the end! During the fundraising period, we will attach a functional bag with the same FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic buckle design. It can be buckled with a sturdy backpack. It is super convenient to go shopping, travel, and abroad. The anti-theft design of the FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic buckle requires a specific angle of force to be removed German patent FIDLOCK SNAP positioning magnetic buckle Weighs only 18g and weighs up to 30kg 4. Super water repellent, perfect protection inside the bag The mad backpack is made of 100% polyester fiber. Compared with cotton, the water absorption rate is about 8%, polyester fiber is only 0.4%, and the waterproof effect is as crazy! The outer layer, inner lining, 6 modular storage bags and carry-on pouches are all made of 100% polyester with the most suitable surface treatment. 5. Ultra-function cache and dark bag design The bag of the mad backpack has 5 storage spaces, which are: 1. Left back pocket, suitable for personal protection of mobile phones, passports 2. Right back pocket, put 15 吋 notebook is no problem 3. Left mesh bag for storing water bottles and umbrellas 4. Right side storage bag, additional anti-theft key hook, anti-RFID protection! 5. Front side pockets, all kinds of items are suitable for flexible storage Going abroad, the customs does not have to rush to turn the notebook, the Leica to the queue, a move directly take out the laptop and check it out~ 6. FIDLOCK SLIDER magnetic buckle design, easy to detach in one second Special track design, can be detached by gently sliding it to the left and right sides Like the SNAP magnetic buckle, it is extremely resistant to heavy and tensile forces, but can be easily unpacked with one hand! Gently buckle to magnetically lock German patent FIDLOCK SLIDER positioning magnetic buckle Weighs only 30g and weighs up to 40kg 7. Designed for photographers, exclusive storage rack for tripods No need to carry back ugly and big ken tripod bag ~ hanging on the bottom of the bag looks professional and handsome! 8. Side adjustable straps for a full-bodied backpack Solved the problem of flat and collapsed on the bag, and the FIT on the left and right sides is really shaped! [Frenzy Backpack] Detailed Specifications / Size


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