Antarctic milk drink cup bag / green waterproof / water bottle bag / umbrella bag / original

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Drink cup bag / kettle bag / umbrella bag / environmental protection / waterproof, Exclusive custom size, hot print! Imp



Antarctic milk drink cup bag / green waterproof / water bottle bag / umbrella bag / original

商品説明 Hello! This is UNA's personal brand "Travel, Word in" Because there is only one person's relationship, the reply letter and the mailing out will take a little time, but please enlighten me! In addition, if it is urgent or other requests are welcome, U will strive to make every buyer feel satisfied (*ω `) people (' ω`*) With the coming 2018 ban on the release of free plastic bags, Are you ready for your bags? If not, this one special customized soft plastic bag will be very suitable for you! Light weight and minimized volume so you do not feel completely without the presence of the bag, Free on the bag, free to fold up, need to use it out to spread out items can be placed! If you have already purchased other models of drink cups, the same can not be missed! With waterproof and just close the size, so you do not have to worry about the beverage shaking around in the bag, so that you do not have to worry about the overflow of the beverage! If the beverage leak in the bag as long as the bag can be washed flush, is not it Super convenient? Transparent design and also allows you to visually feel the refreshing drink, visual and taste of the wonderful enjoyment! In addition, if you have enough folded umbrella into the room have to be another dry, or enough umbrellas outdoors and eventually lead to forgotten and lost, then you can choose to buy this bag! As long as the umbrella into the bag to prevent water droplets to the floor, finally folding umbrella can carry! Do not look back to find an umbrella! In addition can also be put into a wallet, cell phone, action charge and other small things, the size is just right, obsessive-compulsive disorder must be cured! There is also excellent robustness of the bag, the current test will be filled with water inside the bag + into the full drink cup, no crack can be used at ease! Supplement: The first batch of bags specifications 10x7x20cm, bag 12cm (each product has a slight difference, about the difference of plus or minus 0.5cm is normal), the bag is designed to just fit the normal drink cup size, circumference can be placed within 34cm, but The mouth at a slight adjustment can be put into. [Update] Thank you for your suggestion to U satisfied that the current U satisfied bag has been fully upgraded to 10x9x20cm, so that we no longer load Kaka! In addition, such as loading a large amount of water due to excessive pressure caused by oozing, it is recommended not to dress for a long time. Welcome buyers to do this page pinkoi new account, Get $ 30 off official discount and shopping within 72 hours ^ o ^


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