Soft light, soft light powder, white rose, eternal rose glass enamel

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The tail that sneaked away in the winter, the spring followed in the white forest, quietly growing in the warm flower room.


Soft light, soft light powder, white rose, eternal rose glass enamel


Woke up that day Wake up in a dream scene Floating in the soft water Surrounded by white glass curtains Outside is snow or white forest Get up from the bed What is floating from the water is the gift of dreams _dream Cookie islands ________________ Flower Translucent pale pink eternal rose, immortal pink hydrangea, white immortal hydrangea, small silver fruit, miscanthus, white moss, feather grass, white birch, white golden rod ball, Japanese imported flowers (sago, mimi grass, tea leaves ) Product Size and Content ·size: The glass enamel glass part has a diameter of 9 cm and a height of 16 cm. The base of the wood is about 11cm in diameter and 2cm in height. The total height of the work is about 17cm ・Style: The bottom of the glass enamel is made of wood, and the LED lighting line is light (additional three four-cell batteries are required) note: ***Because the protective product is taken, in order to avoid the glass enamel will accidentally fall off, so the glass cover is completely fixed, can not open the glass hood, if you can accept and then order! ***The product itself will be packaged in white gift boxes and ribbons, and a random flower card will be given. ________________________________ "product keeper" ・Do not place in a place exposed to moisture or direct sunlight. ・Eternal Roses use special flower material preservation technology to keep the flower soft and color. The storage time is longer than normal dry flowers, and can be placed for more than two years to several years! But still have to take good care of them after purchase! ・Some of the small flowers are dry flowers. Because they are naturally dried flowers, the color will gradually fade or fall off to normal. Keep it in a good condition for about 2-3 years. Use a soft brush to gently wipe the dust. "Purchase Notes" ・ Made with seasonal flowers, the photos will be affected by the photo environment and angle of light. Purchases can be made only if you can accept a slight color drop and moderate adjustment of the flower material before purchase. ・Please confirm the order shipping cost and quantity correctly before submitting the order! It takes 3 days to 7 days to make a purchase before making flowers and materials. ・If you have a handwritten small card, you can discuss it by private message ^^ "Receipt instructions" ・If you have a special request, such as the time of picking up the goods, you can inform in advance. ・Please pay close attention to the receipt message after shipment. If you do not pick up the goods or do not pay within the time limit, the Pinkoi system will directly give a lower evaluation, which will affect the subsequent purchase rights! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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