Pebble Stone Night Light Wooden Wool felt Handcrafted Led Light USB Plug

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For tranquility or someone whom needs peace before sleep like yourself.



Pebble Stone Night Light Wooden Wool felt Handcrafted Led Light USB Plug

商品説明 There has always been a box of pebble stone we found at the beach many years ago, With its big and small sizes, when we placed it into a box at the time, We always hoped we could blend it into our woodcraft. Up until now, The plastic box filled with pebble stone that we found is still kept in a corner somewhere. Perhaps we just wanted to keep the memories we had at the beach through these stones; Or the Mother Nature we felt, which was so tranquil but so full of energy. And where these stones had come from, where it had been, how many crashing waves it had been washed with formed its feature and appearance today. Lying there amongst the rest quietly without a sound, but also the one and only. If we could let this tranquility accompany us before bed time, During the moment when we need peace, Let this round pebble give us brightness. In the time when we need to comfortably sleep, Let its gradual light accompany into our dreams. __Product features:__ **USB Plug** We selected making USB plug so that it would not let different voltage in different countries limit its usage. It can also be directly plugged into computer or mobile charger. It is not limited by type of plugs. Need to prepare a USB plug by self if inserting into a plug. **Adjustment of Brightness** The design is to enable adjustment of brightness according to individual habits, time and differences. **LED Light** Select of high quality LED light, the life is 20000 hours Does not induce heat while using it, but can bring warm light into the space. **Empty lampstand** Additional space to the lampstand. Can place personal objects on the empty space on the lampstand according to individual preferences. **Wool felt** The material outside the stone is wool felt. It can be washed if it becomes dirty after usage. (Cleaning instructions is attached in the introduction manual) **Repairing Service** Each and every product of MoziDozen are personally designed and crafted by hand. Each item that is given out to our customers are like our own child. We hope everyone can use it continuously. If in any situation it needs any repairing after use, feel welcome to contact us at any time. There is only need to pay for the shipping and basic material costs. We offer unlimited time for repairing service. Packaging We include and attach our handmade string linen bag. If the product is for a gift, it will give a presentable look and a heart full of appreciation. We also hope that after the product has been placed out of the bag, the packaging bag can still be continuously used. Please note before Ordering: Each stone is made individually, so every pattern on it is different. Production/Method of Making Made in Taiwan Hand crafted


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