Daily wine mix - Summer Seafood X Wine Pair

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Different from the dinner party for the purpose of selling wine, we will focus on the flavor of "meal" and "wine"! A few classic seafood dishes are shared by self-cooking, and then Aaron, a sommelier with several high-end licenses, choo
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Daily wine mix - Summer Seafood X Wine Pair


"Happy Hour Meal" event with**cuisine**as its main axis... In the twinkling of an eye, we have to enter the third theme!! Speaking of the summer, we are the people of the Penghu... The blue water that appears in the brain is!!! So this season... What we want to launch is... (will be ~📢) 『__seafood X wine mix!!!!!!__』 If you see seafood, the first thing that comes to mind is**white wine**... Please don't miss this season's event!! Because our sommelier Aaron, Again, vow to use a variety of different wines... Break your established impression of the wine mix!!!!!! In the first two seasons of wine mix... The first season__年菜__of "Lawei rice X sorghum wine"; Season 2__snack__"Salt Chicken X Sherry"... It is the match of the students who voted the most Amazing!!! This season... Who will it be? Friday Night! for a busy week of work!! Come to**share the kitchen**and find the answer with us!! ▍ “Happy Hour meal. Wine. Meeting” Characteristics of 1 common table wines 2 What are the secrets of purchasing a wine with reasonable price and good quality? 3 How to be a wine-lover, tasting the wine in your hand? 4 Seafood Cuisine X Table Wine Recommended **Menu**: Crispy fried medium roll yoshi tata sauce Cucumber salted lemon pen tube noodles Scallop or prawn with pineapple salsa Wuhu wild squid sauce champion champion rice balls **Wine list**: White Wine & ... Other Aaron selections!! ▍ "Happy Hour meal. Wine. Meeting" features This series of events is especially suitable for... 1 I like to have a drink and hope to know more about the characteristics of different wines. 2 You want to improve your lifestyle and increase the breadth of your topic. 3 I want to have a drink on weekdays, but I don’t know how to pick and match the meal. 4 Eating at the restaurant, always looking at the wine list, don’t know how to start ▍ 邀 酩 - - - Aaron Lai ▪️China National Liquor Tasting Certification ▪ ️ French sopexa Advanced license / WSET Lv.4 license ▪️AWI Sommelier License ▪️RSA Bartender License in Australia |Professional teaching experience| Nanshan Life Insurance Group Elite Wine Lecturer Cathay Life Group Wine and Spirits Lecturer Zicheng United Accounting Firm Du Kang Shrine Wine, Spirits Lecturer Energy and Spirits Lecturer Beer Instructor, National Institute of Biotechnology Zhejiang New Sanjing Investment Co., Ltd. Liquor Consultant Lecturer Meal. liqueur. Related information Date: 209.0.19 | 2019.08.16 | 2019.09.20 Fri. Time: 19:30 - 21:30 for 2 hours Number of people: 8 people start work, 12 people are capped Venue: 1st Floor, No. 15, Lane 342, Longjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City - Self-cooking living shared kitchen Sign up: Please complete the purchase program for the event experience at Pinkoi. Please contact us via the station letter after completion! Tell us that your main meal choice is "Scallop" or "Prawn", we will provide you with relevant information! **Welcome group of 10 to 12 people** **Optional date****Please ask for a private message** cost: $1,980/person (including lecturer fee, wine, meal) Promotions: Libo offers: 2 yuan (inclusive) or more, for $150 per person. Precautions: 1. The scope of use of shopping money: - Self-cooked life full range of event registration fee (excluding the current registration event) - Self-cooking life options 2. The above offers are limited to courses offered by this season (Jul/Aug/Sep). 3. The voucher will be issued on the day of the course. 4. The use period of the shopping deposit is limited to 2019.09.30. **[No drunk driving]** **[Excessive drinking, harmful to health]**