Marseille soap / moisturizing type

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★ dry skin ★ wash face bath shampoo ★ Olive oil 72% ★ Essential oil fragrance theme: Jasmine lemon essential oil ★Hand-made cold soap ★ No chemical substances added



Marseille soap / moisturizing type


Marseille soap / moisturizing type ● The most gentle and pure soap, adding 72% olive oil. Olive oil is rich in natural vitamins A, E and unsaponifiable ingredients, which can promote the proliferation of skin collagen and maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. ● Olive oil is rich in moisturizing, protecting and conditioning skin ●The foam is not very special but smooth and delicate ●Adding lemon essential oil has de-bacteria and relieves stress, and the jasmine fragrance is refreshed 【Product specifications】 Main ingredients: 72% olive oil, 14% coconut oil, 14% palm oil, milk, water, sodium hydroxide, jasmine, lemon (essential oil) Uses: face, body, hair cleaning How to use: Apply to the body after blistering, gently massage, then rinse off with water. Suitable for skin type: neutral, dry skin Weight: 110 g ± 10 g Packing: This product contains a single input tray, no need to purchase Place of Origin: Taiwan (Made in Taiwan) Storage method: Keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight Note: Do not leave it in a humid environment for a long time, do not soak in water to avoid dissolution. It is recommended to use a bath soap box with a small contact surface, which can be used with a soap bag. In case of skin irritation, please stop using and consult a professional physician. [Product Instructions] 1. The handmade soap formula is mild, except for bathing and shampooing, it can be used as facial soap. 2. When bathing, it can be used with bath balls, bath towels and blister bags. Apply hand soap to the bath ball or sponge. Use it after foaming. If it is applied directly to the body, it will be quickly and easily consumed. 3. After use, please drain the handmade soap and put it into a soapy box to dry it. Otherwise, the handmade soap will soften easily. 4. Two pieces of handmade soap are used alternately to extend the life of handmade soap 5. It must be used for a long time to slowly improve the problem skin. If the skin is sensitive, please feel free to stop immediately. 6. Shampoo method: firstly wet the hair and scalp with water, then directly rub the handmade soap into contact with the scalp, then rinse with water. Handmade soap is moderately alkaline, and the scalp skin is mostly acidic. The first time you use hand soap to wash your hair, you will feel that the hair is dry and normal. After several times, you can improve the hair quality. 7. The manufacturing process of handmade soap is about two months. Its shape, color and smell will be slightly different, which does not affect the quality of soap. Please understand the product characteristics of handmade soap!


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