(Special Zone) Ink India. Natural ore four chains 108 beads beads black volcanic stone turquoise 925 silver

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Ink print The mountains are silent, sitting alone, watching life as usual, impermanence Ablation in the glory of the group, the first day of the sky.



(Special Zone) Ink India. Natural ore four chains 108 beads beads black volcanic stone turquoise 925 silver


https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di1.jpg Ink printing|| 燧 The mountains are silent, sitting alone, watching life as usual, impermanence Ablation in the glory of the group, the first day of the sky. Combining the wisdom of Eastern Zen, carrying primitive volcanic rocks to carry faith Enlightenment, such as reborn in the ashes of the ashes, black ink, is like the imprint of the hand of the stab, firmly clinging to the soul that is not confused. Fearless, can the power of the fossils into the gold trial ● Volcanic rock (Lava stone) It is one of the best minerals known for grounding energy. Because the formation process of volcanic rocks is produced by the cooling of high-heat lava, it is a very primitive form of ore, so it also carries the most stable and strong original earth energy. It is used for grounding, degaussing, and integration into the world, and is more effective in the present. At the level of spiritual energy, volcanic rocks are very primitive primordial minerals. They have the characteristics of closely connecting the land of Gaia. They correspond to the root wheel (submarine wheel) in the seven rounds of the human body. They are the first life energy, which dominates the viability, security, and health. . Volcanic rocks are also used as energy stones, and are often used in physical therapy such as hot compresses, massages, and baths to boost the mind and body. Symbol: strong, steady, calm, healthy and vigorous vitality. ● African turquoise Turquoise is a triclinic system, and the English name Turquoise is derived from French, also known as "Turkish Jade." It is one of the ancient gemstones with a splendid history of thousands of years. As early as in ancient Egypt, Maya and Persia, it was regarded as a mysterious and evil-avoiding thing. The Indians regard it as a holy stone and believe that wearing this stone can avoid evil and receive blessing from the gods; while Chinese Tibetans regard turquoise as the embodiment of God and a symbol of power status. This stone belongs to South African pine. The ore body is blue-green and green in a multi-layered realm. Natural black lines are smudged like ink, giving off a faint aura. As the gods and incarnations are superb, sheltered. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ★ Any design of any custom Aliya is given: "Free warranty". (see details below) ★ Orders are attached ─ [Classic packaging] "Collection of Iron Boxes", "Snow Grey Wool Felt Storage Bag", "Dust Fleece Bag", "Brand Card, Warranty Card", "German Made Silver Cloth" ★ Optional ─ [simple packaging] "Collection of Iron Boxes", "Security Cards", "Washing Silver Cloth" Low-carbon version of the simple packaging, we will provide you with a "sales discount of 60 yuan discount", if you want to use simple packaging, just enter the coupon number when you check out: SimplePackaging1111111 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ● Material / Material Natural black volcanic rock, African turquoise, 925 sterling silver fittings, Japanese elastic silk thread. Origin: Taiwan, handmade design https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di2.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di6.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di96.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di3.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di97.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di7.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di4.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di98.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di101.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di5.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di99.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/di/di100.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/TT.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/RR.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/CPB.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/CP.jpg ● Use & Maintenance 1. If you accidentally get contaminated, you can wash it directly with water and then dry it with a cloth. Try not to use detergent or brush to wash the enamel, and it is easy to wear the gold plating layer. 2. Natural ore is highly resistant, and the natural color is mineral essence. (However, the colored ore should avoid long-term exposure to the sun, avoiding the thermal radiation that causes the crystal structure to change and affect the color.) 3. Aliya design uses high-quality metal "sterling silver, gold-plated solid copper, or pure brass", but in addition to gold in the world, no matter what kind of metal, it will be in contact with air, rain or sweat for a long time. Gradually oxidized. ★ So take a shower, sea, bathing, swimming, exercise, remember to take it off first, and temporarily "don't wear it", you can keep the jewelry long-lasting luster. 4. Really "Don't take a bath"! Because the irritating cleaning products will damage the jewelry, the dirt washed by the body will also adhere to the gap of the jewelry, and soon the entire jewelry will be dirty and tarnished. 5. After sterling silver and brass are oxidized, they can be wiped gently with a silver cloth until the silver is restored. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/C1.jpg ● For you, after-sales service All Aliya's designs have a "free warranty three times" service. A “Product Warranty Card” will be attached to the work you receive. If you accidentally break, break, or need to be resized, cleaned, oiled, etc. during the wearing process, you can fill in the warranty card. The works and the iron box will be sent to us and we will handle it carefully for you. So be sure to collect the warranty card, a piece of work, just like your "work identity card." Warranty Card + Works + Iron Box = Warranty Service ● Crystals and ores need to be purified It is often said that crystals are like natural sounds, or memory carriers, and the magnetic field will resonate with that frequency. It is also this feature that strengthens the positive front magnetic field and maintains the stability of the wear partner itself. But in the same way, if the crystal touches too much negative energy, it will be changed in the long run, and indirectly affects the owner. At this time, it is necessary to let him rest, re-purify (degauss), and return to the natural neutral state. There are many ways to purify. Here are two purification methods that are less convenient and comfortable. Daylight purification Zero cost, but good weather is needed. Place the crystal on a sunny window sill and let the warm sun shine. Because the energy of daylight is strong, the time does not need to be too long, usually about 15~20 minutes. ( ★ Non-colored ore, such as citrine, sapphire, amethyst, etc.) But it is not effective when it is light. It is recommended to imagine that you are sunbathing. It is warm and comfortable. You don't like sun-dried sun exposure, and your crystal doesn't love it. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/SUNPURE.jpg 2. Mountain spring, stream water purification method It is the so-called "washing stone", nature has always been the best healer! When you are in the natural environment, if you encounter a clear and comfortable creek, you can put the crystal ore into it, gently lick and rinse it, let the springs wash away the dirt on the stone, and the endless water energy takes away the negative magnetic field. To the balance of nature. (Please be careful, don't choose inaccessible water sources or magnificent waterfalls!) This is also a very zero-cost purification method. At the same time, there are more opportunities for you to walk in the mountains, purifying the crystals and purifying your body and mind. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/CREEKPURE.jpg


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