3 WAY Left zipper compact Japanese pattern backpack Blue Green × Black Rose

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With side fasteners, you can put out wallet etc while carrying backpack!


 3 WAY Left zipper compact Japanese pattern backpack Blue Green × Black Rose


※ This site is also on sale simultaneously at other sites. We recommend you to purchase as soon as possible if you are interested (* ^^ *) A side fastener is carried on the left side ♪ You can carry out valuables easily out while carrying on the back (* ^^ *) Japanese pattern is lovely! But I want to have plenty of regular clothes, not only for yukata. The bag is cute, but if you make a mistake it is going to be a bit dasa I could not buy it until now. I want to recommend it to you such powerfully ♪ The new color matching of the backpack is completed ♪ The fresh impression of blue green makes a chic black rose pattern fresh. I carefully designed adult likeness and femininity not too casual. Of course it suits well for usual casual. I will also be familiar with the point of monotone Corde ♪ nice ♪ This is a compact size. Porcelain fitting inside dimension: 24 cm · width 26 cm × height 25 cm × width 10 cm Backpack length: up to 115 cm (belt width: 2 cm) There are two inside pockets + one pen pocket. I received your opinion that pen insertion is easy to use unexpectedly, We also adopt it for compact size. We sew up the inner cloth to the main bag, so we are improving it so as not to be misaligned even if pulling the inner cloth. It can be used as a shoulder bag or diagonal bag. I hope you will be able to use it for the feeling of the day and easy to use! I put rubber in the pocket mouth of both sides. 500 ml of PET bottles can be stored easily (^ o ^) Thin materials are also difficult to fall down, operability is also excellent ♪ Side pocket size: length 15 cm × width 11 cm There are double pockets on the outside, you can open and close without touching the main room, Ideal for putting notebooks and paperbacks that you want to take out soon. B6 ~ A5 size fits. Size of front pocket: vertical 17 cm × side 21 cm × gusset 2 cm Vertical 15 cm × side 19.5 cm Even though it is large capacity, compact and cute form (* ^^ *) In the part hitting the back, I use mesh material with cushioning properties. It is easy to hold even in the warm season ♪ Put the bottom plate in the bottom and hit bottom tack. Since there is a ring which keeps the key holder inside the side fastener of the bag You can open and close the keys and carry out the pass case while carrying on the back (* ^^ *) We will also deliver storage bags in sets.


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