Niu Zhuan has a universe. Chocolate Gift Box/New Year/Gift/Souvenir/Creative/Spring Festival/Niu Turns the World

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Niu Zhuan~Yes~ Qiankun, turn the cow over... Six blessing chocolates are hidden at the bottom of the cow-shaped chocolate


25g x 6



Niu Zhuan has a universe. Chocolate Gift Box/New Year/Gift/Souvenir/Creative/Spring Festival/Niu Turns the World


Year of the Ox ~ Chocolate Niu Zhuan~Yes~ Qiankun, turn the cow over... 2021 I am a cow, 2021 running wild, 2021 cow luck prosperous, 2021 cow to run, 2021 cow to Qiankun, 2021 cow to new machine The six blessing chocolates are hidden at the bottom of the cow shape, I'll see it when I turn around~ The cow shape is filled with milk chocolate, with 70.5% Belgian chocolate and walnuts in the middle. Make every bite of chocolate full of surprises and blessings product features: 1. Using ox shaped chocolates, combined with six creative blessings for the year of the ox, through food-grade chocolate transfer technology, send a unique creative mind. 2. The filling is made with "70.5% Belgian chocolate" to enhance the aroma and smooth taste of chocolate. 3. High-quality carton packaging, set off the exquisite texture of chocolate, with super high CP value. ► Can the pattern transfer ingredients be eaten? The customized products are all printed on the chocolate through the photo production system, the materials are imported from the United States and approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved food color water and food transfer paper, and SGS food Safety certification and test report, you can taste it at ease. ► The chocolate filling is made with Belgian tempered dark chocolate, and imported walnuts are added to increase the mellow and smooth taste of the chocolate. ►Commodities are delivered in cold storage. (Do you have to put the chocolate in the refrigerator after receiving it?) In fact, the best storage temperature for chocolate is 15-18ºC (generally, the temperature in the refrigerator compartment is about 3-10ºC, but the temperature is too low), and the melting temperature of chocolate is about 32ºC, so it still depends on whether the chocolate can be stored at room temperature. The actual field temperature depends on the actual field temperature. In principle, chocolate does melt in the sun on a hot summer day, but it is not easy to melt in the shade of an air-conditioned room. However, to avoid temperature changes affecting the appearance of chocolate, sugar +1 Generally, it is recommended to store the goods in cold storage after receiving them, and insist on storing them in refrigerated stores regardless of summer or winter. ►About home delivery (please read carefully) ⭕️All products are low-temperature refrigerated home delivery ❌Cannot be delivered at room temperature ❌Unable to pick up from store ❌No cash on delivery ►Black Cat TA-Q-BIN (delivered the next day) 👉In case of prosperous logistics period: such as New Year's Day, Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, Double 11, Double 12 Shopping Festival, there is no guarantee of delivery the next day 👉In the event of a typhoon, heavy rain and natural disasters, the news announcement that the delivery area will be closed, it will be postponed to normal work before delivery resumes 👉The home delivery time can be selected (not specified, before 13:00 in the morning, 14:00~18:00 in the afternoon). During the prosperous period of the Spring Festival, no specified time will be provided from 2/1, and the next day delivery is not guaranteed. Basically, home delivery companies are punctual, but there is no guarantee. If it is an important event, it is recommended to pick up one or two days in advance for more insurance (chocolate shelf life is 14 days) 👉The correct delivery time depends on the logistics home delivery company ---------------------------------------- Commodity name: Cocoa Butter Milk Chocolate (Cow Turn [Yes] Qiankun. Chocolate Gift Box) Product content: Year of the Ox blessed chocolate x6 (gift box packaging, with paper bag attached). Chocolate about 3.5cm in diameter Taste introduction: Milk chocolate (70.5% Belgian chocolate filling) + walnuts storage method: It is recommended to keep refrigerated. Shelf life: 14 days


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