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  • The word "Kantha" means a stitching skill that originally comes from southern India.

    In this collection, I made 8 cutlery bags, each one including famous colorful enamel fork & spoon from Thailand! All fabrics are taken from beautiful vintage Indian hand block printed clothing, and all of them are stitched by my hands!

    You can also use it as pecil case or what ever you like!

    "Kantha" The word refers prevalent in South India a embroidery law, local women worn sari or cascade or tile into a large cloth, and then as if on a needle seam snowflakes fine point, to reinforce the fabric structure, then sewn into a variety of items. The series uses a long time to collect antique Indian cover dyeing, hand-stitched full completion! Although the new fabric is even more beautiful, but they have used the time to stay with the old cloth color oxidation, it is a lot of calm.

    The eight group cutlery sets, each set containing all selected Thailand colorful enamel (enamel) forks, with a good color is not accepted as a color change Oh! Products durable enamel surface glaze at high temperature and non-toxic paint, if to long-term use should be careful not to fall only, dry immediately after use, to avoid cracking glaze rust

    / Size Size /
    width Width: 7 cm
    height length: 20 cm
    depth Thickness: 1 cm

    There are full lining inside
    * Color: light pink

    / Things to know before you purchase before the purchase, please read the /

    * I am currently long stay in Thailand, all item will be ship by air parcel from Thailand post office. Your items will be shipped by Taiwan Post office when I back to Taiwan.
    Designer living and working in Thailand, all the items will be sent by air via Thailand Post. Taiwan will be sent by the post office and when to return to Taiwan during President Chain Store

    * Some fabrics or materials taken from vintage clothing will marked in the page, all with good condition, but if you have any concern, please do not purchase.
    Part of the fabric from the totem printed with beautiful and good condition second-hand clothes or old cloth, all product pages will be marked, if you have any concerns about environmental protection products do not buy again

    * Hand stitched items may not as perfect as machine made
    Sew objects may not be machine-sewn products neat, perfectionist Think

    * Color may be different due to different monitor, my apology if the color of your item looks a little bit different as you expect.
    Photos have tried to render the color of objects, each computer, mobile phone color screen display Jie narrowly, if after receipt of goods have color please bear with me.

    * Hand dyed fabric will be lighter after washing, please wash separately in case of fading color
    Hand washing after dyeing color faded, this is a normal phenomenon in general hand dyeing, in order to avoid staining, please wash separately
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    all by my hands / produced in Thailand
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DUNIA world manufacture / Kantha Dreams / hand-stitched embroidery cutlery set - hand stitched embroidery cutlery set #blossom

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