CB little star cool and heat preservation detachable and washable dual tote shoulder bag 12L

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Take it apart and transform into a "picnic mat". On a refreshing morning, have a small picnic with family and friends! Lightweight and large-capacity, it is just right as a shoulder bag for daily outings and a cold storage bag for fresh supermarkets!


CB Japan

CB little star cool and heat preservation detachable and washable dual tote shoulder bag 12L


brand introduction CB JAPAN, a Japanese design lifestyle product, is a brand with both aesthetics and practicality. It responds to market trends with the core concepts of Change, Basic and Nisshin, Nissan, and Nissan, and focuses on product design and development. It is one of Japan's fastest-growing home-made household products' own brands . ● 12L large capacity, suitable for supermarket shopping, fresh and cold preservation ● Unique design! Disassemble and transform into a picnic mat ● The outer bag can be cleaned by washing machine ● The cold storage inner bag can be detached for use ● Three-layer structure design, durable and effective Material: outer bag-100% polyester fiber, inner layer-polyethylene resin, cold insulation inner bag-aluminum pad Size: W560*D170mm*H320 mm Capacity: 12 liters Weight: 335g Place of Origin: Japan authorized production in China Precautions ● Please note that this product is not waterproof. If it is put into a wet object, it will seep out. ● Keep away from high temperature and fire sources ● Because the inner bag is of a single shape, it may be damaged when used. Please use it according to the shape of this product. ● This product does not have a protection function against impact. Please do not impact strongly when using it. ● Although the metal part of this product has anti-embroidery treatment, it may rust if it is repeatedly placed in a bad environment, so please do not store it in a humid environment. ● Fading and staining may occur under friction and water stains. ● The effect of cold preservation and heat preservation depends on the temperature and environment of the heat preservation (cold) item. ● When holding a drink, make sure that the lid of the container is tightly closed and will not flow out. ● Do not put sharp objects. ● Do not shake when carrying. ● Please avoid placing heavy objects and hanging them for a long time. ● Please avoid long time in the car and the environment exposed to sunlight ● Avoid washing the aluminum foil inner bag. If there is dirt, please wipe it with a damp cloth. To prevent mold, please store it in a dry environment. ● In order to protect the plastic material of this product and prevent deformation, please put it in a laundry bag when washing in a washing machine. ● Drain as soon as possible after cleaning. ● Do not use bleach, softener, dryer, iron. 17. In order to prevent mildew, please place it in a dry environment. ● Please wash it separately from other items when cleaning, as there will be staining.


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