(RARE!) Roberta Di Camerino classic bag "bagonghi" velvet mouth gold bag

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Roberta Di Camerino classic bag "bagonghi" velvet mouth gold bag Leather: Italian cowhide Origin: Made in Italy <New product sale NT.62000> Size about bottom length / bottom width / height (without handle): 2



(RARE!) Roberta Di Camerino classic bag &quot;bagonghi&quot; velvet mouth gold bag


Roberta Di Camerino classic bag "bagonghi" velvet mouth gold bag Leather: Italian cowhide Origin: Made in Italy <New product sale NT.62000> Dimensions about bottom length / bottom width / height (without handle): 28/16/15 cm Contains a zipper bag and a mezzanine 90% new Very good skin condition There are slight traces of use as shown Mind don't bid // *Roberta Di Camerino founded in 1946* *Founder Juliana Camerino* *More than 74 years of history* Juliana Camerino was fascinated by velvet and decided to use it for his work Through unique color matching and unique bag buckle design (each bag hardware is super beautiful) Finally, this long-lasting bag "Bagonghi" was born Which is the beauty bag we put on this time ❤️ And Bagonghi is also called "Princess Bag" ❤️ Because of the love of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco (picture 3) Often mention Bagonghi to attend major events Therefore Bagonghi is also known as the "Princess Bag". Finally, attach a paragraph that Juliana Camerino designer said: "If not named after Bagonghi, she might be named Kelly. HERMES, you are so lucky! '' 😂😂😂 Last last The totem in the middle of the bag represents the sun, meaning "happiness" And the flannel in this part is "fully hand-woven" So every Bagonghi will be a little different And it takes six months to a year to make a Bagonghi It also makes this classic model more valuable. // Italian cowhide? Compared to normal primary vegetable tanned leather, Italian cowhide is lighter, Toughness is more durable than ordinary vegetable tanned leather, In addition to the toughness of the cortex, the color change is also very obvious, Most Italian cowhide has a caramel oil color after use. Fatty cowhide Compared with ordinary cowhide, the fat content of fat cowhide is higher Therefore, the cortex will be much softer than the general vegetable tanned leather Pure brass hardware What is good about brass hardware? Brass hardware is not like ordinary hardware. Rust will erode into the inside and cause the hardware to break easily. And the general brass hardware will only have patina (easy to remove) on the surface without hurting the hardware // All leather goods sold by banana cats All enjoy after-sales service (maintenance, oiling, repair and complementary colors ...) *Purchase Notes* Check every bag for damage → regular maintenance and oiling → final maintenance before delivery, etc ... will be carefully arranged There will inevitably be some differences between the photo and the entity. Before buying, please be careful to only consider whether you can accept the traces of old products We take every transaction seriously and hope to handle every issue as best as we can Don't want to feel uncomfortable trading because of any situation where consensus cannot be reached Many commodities have experienced good times for many years, maybe older than our age Maybe I did n’t find any problems when sorting, but after using it, I found that my old age really needs special care. Please come back and find us, absolutely responsible for keeping the bags in the next century. The early bags must have some traces of use, and there will be some scratches and friction marks on the skin This is how it tastes.


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