Honey bag, hand, foot and foot prints

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As a little honey slave, every time I saw a small hand and a small foot, I couldn’t stand the temptation to touch it... So I decided to make it on my body every day! Give it to you as a honey slave. (Specifications can be single or a pair)



Honey bag, hand, foot and foot prints


**About design - honey bag 鼯 hand and foot footprints earrings** As a little honey slave, every time I saw a small hand and a small foot, I couldn’t stand the temptation to touch it... So I decided to make it to wear it every day! The middle of the footprint and the side of the earring used a blackening effect to make the whole look more textured! Give you a honey slave. __!! Because the black part uses the vulcanization effect, use a silver cloth to clean the cloth, put the cloth on the table, and wipe the small hands and feet sideways in parallel to avoid the vulcanization effect!!__ **About specifications** Material: International Standard 925 sterling silver Size: Hand 10 x 10mm, foot 15 x 7mm, ear length 11mm, ear diameter 0.8mm Number of earrings: Specifications can be single or a pair (pay rubber buckle)__!! Prevent crushing ear acupuncture!!__ **About maintenance** Silverware is easy to react with sulfur dioxide in the air, and forms brownish black silver sulfide on the surface of the silverware. Therefore, please clean it when it is not worn properly and keep it as dry as possible. It is recommended to be stored in a jewelry zipper bag or sealed. In the box, etc., it can effectively block the opportunity of silver jewelry and air contact to slow down the vulcanization. Avoid contact with hot springs, perfumes, sweats, and heavy work and bathing. The best maintenance of silverware is worn every day, because the body oil can make the silver produce a natural and lustrous luster. If the silverware has become dark, use a toothbrush with a little toothpaste and gently brush it with a brush and then wipe it with water to wipe it with a cotton cloth, or wipe it with a silver cloth. It is not recommended to use silver water. Brass jewelry is easy to oxidize and darken the material. Because of the electroless plating, it has different retro color with time or wearing condition. This is also the charm of brass. If you don't like retro nostalgia, you can wipe the dripping fish with a copper cloth. And as clean as possible and as dry as possible. **About packaging** A small leather carton, a jewelry zipper bag, and a small gift bag will be attached to the outer box.


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