OH SUMMER! The fragrance of the summer incense with the cactus

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Scent by hygge

Scent by hygge ショップへ

OH SUMMER! The fragrance of the summer incense with the cactus


Very ins, very chic, there is a little sense of modern dream, people inexplicable good mood!
Cactus: As the soul of the world's fourth largest religious meat plant, cactus has been very popular, although born in the hot desert, looks very fresh, suitable for a summer wedding theme, to open the cold air conditioning.
Origin / manufacturing method

Aroma, not just a taste, it is a way of life, a live life attitude. SCENT BY HYGGE fragrance products 100% use of French, British, South Korea imported essential oils, natural plant extracts. Each taste has a unique label, representing your unique story, a unique journey of your mind, any time and space transformation, the atmosphere still exist.

Different flowers and fruits extracted from the oil, with efficacy: to relieve stress, improve sleep quality, relax, create a home mood, clean the working environment, refreshing and so on.

A variety of essential oils optional:
(1) flower series
A. GREEN TEA green tea: green tea filled in the aroma, elegant and refined, like the morning after the rain is refreshing, feel the breath of nature. To capture the essence of green tea treatment, not entirely the taste of green tea, fresh painted like, so that physical and mental indulge in the fragrance of refreshing, soothing body and mind, re-inspire the body sensory perception.
B. WHITE JASMINE & MINT White Jasmine & Mint: Green Leaf Floral, the opening of the mint fresh and natural, and then the taste of jasmine tea, warm, very peace of mind.
C. NARCISSUS Narcissus: mixed with orange blossom, white rosin and narcissus aroma, full of green and plant flavor, people exposure to fresh spring daffodils.
D. FRENCH LAVENDER French lavender: cold fragrance, from France Provence fresh floral, with a breath of soil, there are unbiased warm and heavy, people feel at ease warm men aroma. Tranquility, soothing mood, help sleep;
E. WHITE ROSE White rose: green leaves floral notes, the real reduction of the delicate aroma of roses, rich layers, as if into a rose (2) fruity series
F. English PEARL & FREESIA British pear & frees: British style, pear sweet with fresh floral, reveals the dewdrop of water vapor, like the full strength of the British girl, to a love at first sight encounter, instant layers of sweet To the heart.
G. ORGANGE GINGER orange ginger: the opening is fresh and straight orange flavor, mixed with ginger after the warm spicy nostrils, bringing people refreshing fresh, no fat powder, cure warm incense.
H. GRAPEGRUIT Grapefruit: It is like stripping a freshly grapefruit full of juice, with a mouthful of subtle sweet, mixed with grapefruit skin fragrance slightly acidic, clean and fresh.
I. PEACH peach: ripe peach incense, a trace of sweet and peel the plant flavor, deep breath, sweet more and more lingering, rich, like juicy peach, sweet filling your nose ,sweet and cute.


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