OnMyWay Portable Pencil Bag / Mechanical Rod Cover

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No matter what your job is, as long as you will use the pen at all times, absolutely need this, you can hang on the iden



OnMyWay Portable Pencil Bag / Mechanical Rod Cover


**When you need it, you know where it is**

I think I must have had this kind of experience:
When you are eager to use one thing, even if you turn it flat, you can't find the damn thing.
And when you don't need it, hey! Immediately before your eyes
That's right! Did you see it again! (Very obnoxious but he*s very often fulfilled supernatural phenomenon)

_ The spell to break the law of Murphy _

For those things that are commonly used but not so valuable, we often put things around
Now in the bathroom, wait and go in the fridge, or don't know where to put it
Do you have such a soldier habit? In fact, you are not alone...
To break this spell is actually very simple:
Put something in the place you can find (I heard you scold me... nonsense! I also know)
It's one thing to know, it's another thing to do
So, is there a way to do this without the brain?

_ If you want to learn to walk, your first step is to take the first step_

For example, many people will definitely use pens at work
This is a best representation that seems to be everywhere and can't be found when you need it.
(Look at how often the Chaos employees can't find the pen to sign for the goods to know)
If you can put the pen in an exclusive location, you can find it when you need it
The meaning of the exclusive location is: This place can only put such things, other people are strictly prohibited, etc.
As a result, things will be in a specific location, and there will be no one side there is a
Just like you don’t sleep in your parents’ bed
So what you need to do
Is to make everything (or the same kind of things, like wire, bath products) have their own place
Then, remember to put it back in place after use
I know you can do it!

_Product Design Features_

- With a hook, so you can find your pen at any time
- Hand-stitched with 2 layers of felt cloth to gently protect your pen
- 2 to 3 ball pens and small rulers can be placed, or used as a stationery storage bag
- The bag can be buckled on the bag or on the trousers, and on your document rope
- It can also be used as a protective cover for electronic mechanical poles. It can accommodate poles up to 24mm in diameter.

**Product specification**
Material // Maple wood panel / walnut Wood panel / felt fabric / metal
Size // about 5.5cm x 15cm
Weight // 25 grams

**Maintenance method**
Made of solid wood, the product will be painted with natural wood varnish. When you encounter water, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not soak it in water for a long time.
Do not use a dryer to dry, occasionally use vegetable oil to wipe and maintenance, you can use more long-term

**|| The THING's 3 Great Security Guarantees||**
1. You can apply for a refund at any time within 10 days of receipt of the item. We will not pursue the reason and refund it unconditionally and in full.
2. Within 90 days after receiving the product, we provide free maintenance and replacement of new products, you do not need to spend any fees!
3. The above guarantee applies to all customized products!


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