This year [Peaceful ‧ Ruyi] Ice floating green sprinkle black chicken jade silk wax bracelet G2 [ten shares]

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* Jade can block and protect you from evil and keep you safe



This year [Peaceful ‧ Ruyi] Ice floating green sprinkle black chicken jade silk wax bracelet G2 [ten shares]


Made of sterling silver thread and silver jewelry! *****[The actual product of the safety buckle of this bracelet is the safety buckle that has not been compiled in the picture. The five-element wax wax bracelet in the picture is the style reference]****** ◎ With 925 silver 9mm question mark hook. Safe buckle [Size approx.]: 16.5 * 6mm ~~~~~ [Lucky, ward off evil, keep safe] Guarantee natural Burmese jade (jade) A goods Ping An buckle is the most representative ornament in Chinese jade culture, symbolizing peace, wishfulness, auspiciousness and happiness. It can dispel evils and avoid disasters, and ensure safe entry and exit. It was called "wall" in ancient times, and it has the effect of body care and protection. Lovers often give each other gifts for peace. The Ping An buckle looks like a copper coin, so the Ping An buckle has a moral meaning of making money. The ancients believed that the copper coin was popular with thousands of people and was contagious enough to be able to ward off evil and protect peace, and the copper coin itself symbolized wealth. The word "Ping An" in the Ping An buckle is matched with the shape of the buckle, which together symbolizes the safety of the year, the buckling of the safety, and the longevity of health. The overall safety of the Ping An buckle is smooth and smooth. It implies that everything is successful, the career is smooth, the mind is clear, the thinking is active, and the school is successful. The family is happy. [Buckle] There is also the meaning of being together, which means that the two rings are interlocked and the heart and heart are in harmony. Therefore, people also like to give jade peace buckle as a token of love. * Jade can block and protect you from evil and keep you safe * Emerald has the function of absorbing energy, can absorb bad negative energy from the wearer, and turn into positive Businessmen who often travel far away, or people who often go to places that are not good, will be brought with you ~ Silk wax thread ~ it can take a bath Ingredients (high-grade silk thread is kneaded with wax) There will be a layer of wax before launching, there will be no hard feeling after launching ~ Can be worn on the body for a long time (wear-resistant) (water-resistant) (not odorous), the material is tougher and wear-resistant than the ordinary wire material, and it is less likely to break. ◎ After the bracelet is sold [before sending it], it will be readjusted or customized according to the "actual hand size" of "purchaser" or "wearer". So please remember to tell the designer that your "actual hand size" and bracelet "wax thread color"! ※ "Hand size" without "looseness" [The size of the thinnest part of the wrist fits in a circle] ※ Use the tape measure to wrap around the thinnest part of the wrist in a circle. If there is no tape measure, you can use "line" or "long" The "paper strips" and "long cloth strips" go around once, and then measure the length with a ruler. Please don't reserve loose portions by yourself! Thank you! [You can also change the color according to your preferences] If you cannot see the reference color card, please contact the designer! Reference color card for ten-unit color matching: Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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