Simple Design / Shoulder Tote Bag-A4 Folder

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Can hold A4 data book It will protect important data and it is your good helper


Simple Design / Shoulder Tote Bag-A4 Folder


The world has formed a computerized society Then why, But still need to bring a lot of materials when commuting? Size: H33 × W23 × D9cm (A4 folder) Pocket: There is one big and one small inside, and one on the back Color: black Weight: 360g Handle width: 2.5cm Handle height: 20cm Material: 12A (oz) washed canvas (double-layer canvas at the bottom of the bag) ⚠️The photos on the website may have slight errors due to the color rendering of the screen. Water ripples will also create uniqueness due to different fabrics. Lines on the photo. For reference only, please bear with me for this mystery. Due to manual measurement, there may be slight errors in size, weight and the actual product. 【About Washed Canvas】 Because the canvas will go through the washing process, There will be obvious fading in many parts, And the pulp of the fabric will wash off and become a little softer, These are natural occurrences, not fabric defects 【Precautions before buying】 1. About indentation Bags are three-dimensional and thick When the package is transported by air and land, and when it is stored and collected by the convenience store Bags will have some indentation This is completely inevitable when packaging, storing, and transporting goods If you are unacceptable, please do not place an order. To avoid misunderstanding and confusion. 2. About defects Each bag is made by hand tailoring, So there will be some slight differences, If you encounter the following problems, they are all normal Product size (normal error range is about 10mm) The color difference between the color of the screen photo and the actual product, thread end, indentation 3. About the quantity of goods Each bag is made by hand tailors, The amount of each production is also limited. Please forgive me if there is a phenomenon that the goods are out of stock and cannot be updated in time. If an order has been placed but the product is out of stock, Ask the customer to wait for the tailor to complete the production, if the customer cannot wait, Please do not place an order to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. 4. About exchange Each bag is made by hand tailors, The size and specifications are indicated on the page, and no return or exchange is provided for non-major defects. If there are major flaws, the complete package tag has not been cut, Brand new (no human use marks, malfunctions, breakages, scratches, Dirty, peculiar smell, moisture, washing) Complete (commodities, accessories, accessories, inner and outer packaging complete). Please take pictures within 7 days and send a letter from the station to tell me, Help you exchange or repair it. Please consider carefully before placing an order, dear customers, If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 5. About the warranty Each bag is handmade, There may also be some unpredictable or undetected flaws in the production process. I can help you repair it for free within one year of use. If you encounter a problem, please take a photo and send a message from the station to tell me, After my assessment, I will help you repair it. 【Daily Maintenance】 1. When the bag is exposed to rain, friction, etc., it may fade. 2. The dye color fabric will be used for a long time, Partial fading occurs when it is lightened by sunlight. 3. Due to humid climate areas, In the rainy season, please keep it dry and store in a ventilated place to avoid mold. 【 keep clean】 1. As the canvas is dyed, sizing and processed with various materials, In order to prevent the slurry from falling off and discoloring, please avoid washing with water as much as possible. 2. Small stains on the surface: first use an eraser to wipe off the dirt on the surface. (Only for white or light-colored parts to lightly wipe) 3. Deep dirt: It is recommended to clean locally, wash by hand or use a fine brush. After a small area of clean water, please make sure that there is no abnormal fading and other changes. After washing, it must be flattened as much as possible "dry in the shade", do not expose to direct sunlight So as not to wrinkle and deform. 4. Please use a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach or fluorescent agent and dilute with water. 【Notes when keeping clean】 1. Do not use a washing machine or dry clean, it will cause irreversible wrinkles, shrinkage and serious deformation. 2. Please don't forcefully brush the dirty place, it will cause partial whitening. 3. Do not knead or dry at high temperature.


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