[Iwaki Takanashi] Iwatani Shokutama chopsticks cutting the highest level of fir cedar 箸 利 久 柾 柾 Arishan chopsticks 4 into the group (Japan) long-life store exclusive

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Thinning wood chopsticks chopsticks cut ri 箸 fir chopsticks chopsticks


[Iwaki Takanashi] Iwatani Shokutama chopsticks cutting the highest level of fir cedar 箸 利 久 柾 柾 Arishan chopsticks 4 into the group (Japan) long-life store exclusive


Material: 100% Chinese fir cuttings convenient chopsticks cutting り 箸 fir chopsticks chopsticks Size: 24x0.6 cm Origin: Japan laundry guide: Because there is no chemical paint, fluorescent agent, bleach in the washing is not recommended to use steel brush, do not use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, dryers. Clean with water, ventilated place to dry, 100% fir made Please avoid prolonged exposure to hot soup (water). The highest level of Sugimoto Hisaishi, the most advanced wood is Sugimoto 9-inch (24cm) straight wood will be different colors, black (black core) white (white too) red (naked) made of wood chopsticks, especially pure black Red fir, the most common chopsticks is the most common. Japanese food culture, from Fukushima い わ き 株式会社 Iwaki Takatsuki, chopsticks in Japan have 「beginning」 (い ta だ き ま su) meaning, congratulation, respect God, banquet, respect VIPs, etc. ... Implication with the most pure, not any paint Of chopsticks, to show that we respect your guests, respect. brand introduction: Five years after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, three prefectures and cities such as Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture have the most serious disaster to rejuvenate their homes. Chopsticks, made from local thinning of Japanese fir, are used without use Any paint, to maintain the most primitive appearance, the texture of fir lines appear different colors of wood, taken from the location of the fir, the closer to the center the deeper the color of wood, the higher the value, as the most famous Suginu Kusakabe , The most advanced. Disadvantaged groups after the disaster also need much assistance. Iwaki Corporation provides job opportunities for them to be responsible for the seizure of goods, and self-reliance. Bridge of hope, let each other full of love. material: Iwaki 株式会社 箸 箸 "thinning wood" is also known as thinning timber. Plantation trees more dense spacing, some trees should be removed, In order to maintain adequate spacing of trees, so that trees get plenty of sunshine, So that there is room for expansion of roots, forest growth will be more ideal. To put it simply, the wood that is removed is thinned wood. Japan's management of plantation forests has also faced similar problems with the management of plantation forests in Taiwan. How to improve environment-friendly, energy-saving low-carbon, innovative afforestation technology and forestry capacity competitiveness, There are some pretty good results. The chopsticks you see in the shop ... are the best examples. In order to revitalize the industry, in response to climate warming and international certification of wood, timber production and development needs, Is from plantations rather than natural forests, especially in the management of plantations, From the original 5% to 20%, greatly enhance the self-sufficiency rate of wood. Under the pressure of high wages and the use of imported materials, Not to clear-cut production of forest trees, and long-term cutting method of harvesting, Continuous log growth, to reduce the impact of the environment, contributed. ※ Friends of Life Store for Iwaki Takatsuki Taiwan exclusive license Origin / manufacturing methods Japanese handmade


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