North American Hard Maple Hand Carved Disc

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North American hard maple hand-carved disc, about 24 cm in diameter, painted with natural vegetable oil, safe and non-toxic.


North American Hard Maple Hand Carved Disc


I like handmade wood, always like to combine myself with life, and use wood to create items close to life according to my own needs. It took several years to integrate myself into life and nature, only to discover the meaning and value of life, and then bring the work into it, and let it bring surprises to life. Marveled at the vitality that wooden products can bring, and also angry at the destructive power brought by plastic products. I hope that my own sharing can reduce the use of plastic products and the harm it brings to the environment! Hand carved, can be used as food plate or prop decoration. The wood is North American hard maple and is painted with natural vegetable oil without any safety concerns. Why use wooden tableware? The first reason is of course the warmth and beauty! Whether it is held in the hand or in the mouth, it exudes warm energy, simple and elegant, and will not be hot or hot! However, if we consider the reasons for using wooden tableware further, we will find that its positive impact is very broad. The carbon emissions of wooden tableware are very low, the material is easy and cheap to obtain, and most importantly, it is one of the few that can be made without going through a factory. This means that everyone who is willing can do it! It also means that there will not be a large amount of energy consumption, and there will not be a large amount of sewage and waste emissions, and there will be no subsequent consumption of unnecessary packaging waste and transportation energy. And waste of energy, and there are more aspects not mentioned! Do it! If you feel that the commercially available wooden tableware is too expensive, or do n’t believe in the presence of chemical residues, then do it! For better or worse, the love emanating from the personally made tableware can never be replaced! It ’s okay if it ’s broken or moldy, because it breaks down on its own and wo n’t cause environmental damage with your hands! —————————— Wooden products are not necessarily not durable. As long as you can pay attention to a few points, they can definitely have a long service life! The wooden tableware made by catfish and cats are coated with linseed seed oil several times, absolutely safe and non-toxic! Although maintenance is troublesome, as long as it takes a few moments to extend its life without hurting the purse, it is actually very cost-effective! You can also use this exercise to get rid of the bad habits of fast fashion and waste of money! Absolutely profitable and harmless! ⚠️ Usually should pay attention to * Avoid using dishwasher or dishwasher to wash wooden tableware, which may cause bending or cracking. * After cleaning, place it in a dry place in a ventilated place. * You can use only melon cloth with warm water to avoid using steel brushes or excessive chemical cleaners. * It can be soaked in dilute solution of vinegar or lemon to eliminate the odor, but please pay attention to dry it completely. * Often even daily use is the best maintenance method. * If there is a missing corner or break after using it for a while, you can use sandpaper to grind and repair it, and then perform maintenance steps. * You can use edible oils that can be used as raw oils. You can keep the oils at home and you don't need to buy them separately. ⚠️ Maintenance steps Due to the natural characteristics of wood, after the initial use and cleaning, it is easy for fibers to warp and cause the surface to be rough. This is a normal phenomenon, but it will not cause problems in use. Don't worry. It is recommended to use it continuously for more than one week, and it can be sanded once. After cleaning and leaving to dry completely, use # 600 or # 800 water sandpaper to dip some edible oil to sand. After the surface is smooth, leave it to absorb oil quality. If necessary, regularly use the same maintenance method, and then reverse the phenomenon. It will gradually decrease or even disappear, and the wood will gradually stabilize. With use, wooden tableware may change color due to the color of the ingredients. This is also a normal phenomenon, so do n’t worry. ⚠️ Emergency treatment If the wooden tableware molds because it has been left unused for too long or the environment is too humid, don't panic and observe the mold condition first. If the mold is only on the surface and has not invaded the wood fibers, it can be washed directly. However, if it has penetrated into the fiber, please use mild water, baking soda, and salt to soak it to remove the mold. After drying in the shade, you can use a spray gun or a gas furnace to ignite and bake, so that the surface becomes carbonized. After cooling, you can clean and maintain it. The shipping packaging is made of recycled materials, so there will be no exquisite packaging. Please do n’t be disappointed when you receive the items. We really ca n’t waste more resources for the appearance that is only glanced at. Isn't it? (laugh)


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