Handmade vegetable tanned cowhide banknote clip Italian vegetable tanned classic wine red ultra-thin free lettering

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When wearing a suit and formal attire, it is the quality of mature people to abandon the heavy wallets that are daily filled with invoices and receipts, and put the clean banknote clips neatly into the suit pocket. This money clip using vegetable tanned leather produced in Tuscany, Italy is your best choice!


Handmade vegetable tanned cowhide banknote clip Italian vegetable tanned classic wine red ultra-thin free lettering


WN LEATHERS vegetable tanned cowhide money clip / short clip classic wine red ⎪Toscano-ARBIA https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49824502241_907b45a3b1_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49564225088_7cbb8f912c_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49564727301_450dd1c748_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49564727366_5439bda853_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49564952187_5e8df706c7_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49824688301_3fa31dc827_b.jpg ▵In addition to this banknote holder, the "banknote card holder" in the last product photo can also be purchased at the store! When wearing a suit and formal attire, it is the quality of mature people to abandon the heavy wallets that are daily filled with invoices and receipts, and put the clean banknote clips neatly into the suit pocket. ※ Leather features: ☐ Hand stitching: Two stitches and one thread saddle stitching, different from the normal stitching method, the thread will not fall apart after being broken somewhere, making the leather more firm and durable. ☐ Lettering: You can engrave the specified English words and numbers in cursive or block letters, with more personal characteristics. ☐ Two card holders plus one or two compartments are used to hold banknotes, suitable for people who do not need to bring change to go out! ☐ Ultra-thin and easy to carry, even in your pocket! ※ Introduction to raw materials: ☐Conceria 800 leather factory in Tuscany, Italy: In the Tuscany region of Italy, there are several of the country's top factories, continuing the ancient technology in the production of leather, and Conceria 800 is one of them. This leather is medium-hard vegetable tanned, with a full-feel, and it will increase gloss and color fullness with repeated use or sunshine. If the leather is scratched, use a clean white cloth to gently rub it to remove the marks. ☐Italy imported tan original color tanned leather: comfortable to feel, no special treatment or any coating on the surface, more natural color than other types of leather ... etc., Suitable for people who like natural leather; and follow The color change over time is obvious, especially suitable for color development. ☐Liuhua twine: the advanced hand-sewn twine preferred by staff. After years of dedicated R & D and correction, it has created high quality and safety that are praised by Europe, America and Japan. The 100% natural linen material and the three-strand twisting technology make it have high toughness and are not easy to break, and the surface is three-dimensional and natural; patented equipment and wax melting technology make it feel smooth and not easy to fluff. At the same time, it is the only one who has passed the SGS physical & chemical test report and confirmed that it is non-toxic and does not fade. It is also the only one who has passed the European safety standard EN 71-3: 2013 + A1: 2014. ☐ Special mat material produced in Taiwan: feels thicker! ※Precautions: Full grain cowhide (full grain) is one of the best among cowhide. When the leather factory processes leather with too many defects, the leather surface is usually covered with leather slurry, and then processed by embossing, etc., but the "full grain cowhide" shows the most original state of the leather. It is better to use cowhide. Tanning is done on parts with no loose structure. At the same time, full-grain cowhide has a more durable texture, more natural texture and color, breathable and comfortable feel than PU and synthetic leather that can relatively guarantee "consistency". Because of its naturalness, uniqueness and the above-mentioned advantages, except for some works that hope to achieve special effects, most of our works use full-grain vegetable tanned cow leather. However, because this is a kind of leather whose advantages and disadvantages are not too disguised, although we will try to choose the better leather surface for each piece of production, but some differences in leather surface can not be avoided. Thickness, soft and hard cortex ..., as much as blood bands, skin injuries, markings ... This uniqueness is also a major feature of genuine leather, please do not order if you can't accept it! In addition, the photos may have color difference due to different monitors, the color is subject to the actual product. If you really care about color difference, please consider carefully before placing an order, or you can ask us directly, we will take a few more photos and videos for your reference. ! Natural leather is different from PU leather, synthetic leather, paint leather, etc., the surface is more scratch-resistant, so please cherish the use after receiving it, and don't let the leather wear excessively, soak in the rain ... ... In addition, if there are scratches and other conditions, with the use of time and careful maintenance, the color of vegetable tanned leather will not only become full and oily, but also the texture of scratches and natural gas will gradually fade. ※ If you need lettering, the process is as follows: → Order → Detailed description of lettering content, font and location in the remarks column https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49596097146_62a36c53a7_b.jpg ※ If you want to choose other colors and adjust the style, the process is as follows: → Private news → Leather and color selection (see color card, leather introduction, and different leathers have different price points), style details confirmation → place an order after quotation ※ Leather care and maintenance: When you encounter water or dirty things, you can dry them with a dry cloth and let them dry naturally. In addition to the obvious water stains on light-colored and primary-colored leather, water will disappear on most vegetable tanned leather as it dries; with time, as the color deepens, the smaller stains will become relatively inconspicuous. In addition, although sunlight can accelerate the "color development" of vegetable tanned leather, it is not recommended to be exposed for a long time, nor placed in a place without ventilation and humidity to avoid the formation of mold. In order to avoid the vegetable tanned leather's lack of oil for a long time, it may be dry or even cracked, and it should be maintained when necessary. Usually once every two months, but if the frequency of exposure and rain is too high, it will accelerate the volatilization of the oil and require more frequent maintenance. Buyers can judge whether the vegetable tanned leather feels dry. Before maintenance, first use horse hair brush ... and other appliances, brush off the surface dust, and gently wipe off the dirt with a little water to prevent the stains from being reinforced after oiling (light-colored and original-colored leather is not recommended to use water). The next step after cleaning is to apply oil, use a thin layer of cotton cloth and lightly draw a circle to help absorption. When oiling, it is generally recommended to use "animal fat" similar to leather, such as mink oil, and mink oil does not contain wax or excess artificial chemicals, so it is suitable for all vegetable tanned leather. When using mink oil, the color of the leather will be slightly darker. If the oil is evenly absorbed and feels stickier than the original, it is normal. In addition, our store uses horse bridle leather and camouflage fog wax styles. You can consider maintenance after your own wax is absorbed; while Pueblo frosted vegetable tanned as long as it is used frequently, no special maintenance is required. ※ Origin: Taiwan ※ Manufacturing method: all manual (non-machine stitched) # 手 皮皮 ## 酒红 # 手缝 #vegetable tanned cowhide # gift # short clip # note clip # vegetable tanned


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