YD15-01 RE Color Division Study Clock - Red

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YD15-01 RE Color Division Study Clock - Red


Lemnos to Montessori education × mother's dual philosophy, designed for children, "divided learning" clock, Japanese Montessori Institute of Education senior research expert Sakurai Misa and education have two sons well-known Japanese designer Tuokuni Yoko, They used the concept of "mother" and brought together their own experiences in educating their children. Together they developed and designed the learning clock. "Good foundation for basic education and time management from a young age" is the original intention of the clock. Stimulate children's interest to learn new things, children's curiosity is super-people's imagination. "what is this? ""why? Is the most common problem that every child experiences when they grow up. The two designers found in the process of educating their children that it is very important for children to be interested in learning things. How to create an environment where children are willing to learn by themselves is the best way to learn Fun Pun Clock. 1, strengthen the child's time management concept. Clock face 4 equal parts of the color, the purpose for children to do any activity or rest, each time a block as a unit, to understand the importance of time management. For example: I can play toys for 15 minutes, time is up, I will take a bath. Train children to build self-management in life. The hour and minute hands point clearly to the right numbers, giving children a clearer understanding of the time, and the idea that adults around them can communicate time more accurately with their children. Whenever children through each small task to achieve a sense of accomplishment and small reward, not only will increase the sense of accomplishment between parents and children each other. Children are also learning to be in the process of time management and can become independent and confident. Compared to the general digital electronic clock, the divided clock can help children have a better sense of time and learn the life schedule. 2, bright colors. Designed for kids, Lemnos thinks a clock designed for children must be concise and without losing the original texture of the material. Natural wood-like texture and clear and easy to understand the clock face, no cumbersome design to help children more direct understanding of the current time. Unlike ordinary clocks, the clock face has two numbers, the inner ring is "hour" and the outer ring is "minute & second." In addition to clearly recognizing the time, parents also use this to convey the 60-digit concept Children 3, from the child's point of mark the time scale. In the designer's educational experience, children who begin to learn time and numbers will find that the "12" group of numbers always differs from the concept that numerals start with "0" at the top of the clock face. Therefore, on the clock face of the divided clocks, special attention will be given to the double digits (10.11.12) and the placement of single digits so that children can clearly distinguish the combination of the two numbers. Designer: Tsukamoto Yoko Product specifications Size: φ248 × D44mm Weight: 660g Material: ABS resin, glass Warranty: Movement warranty for one year Note: Please use a carbon zinc battery Origin / manufacturing methods Japan


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