【Woody'sHandmade】 clean up. Section B. Jinxiao Shan smoke single layer hand string. Purify - Golden obsidian with Somky quartz, Style B

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【Woody'sHandmade】 clean up. Section B. Jinxiao Shan smoke single layer hand string. Purify - Golden obsidian with Somky quartz, Style B


【Woody'sHandmade】 clean up. Section B. Jinxiao Shan smoke single layer hand string. In many crystal books are recorded, black gems usually have a strong energy, with its mysterious gold obsidian refraction, more attractive. In ancient times, they believe that the obsidian not only can heal the physical and psychological trauma, more powerful positive energy into, people become optimistic and positive. This hand string, we join the smoke crystal. It is the negative energy "zero" crystal. Bless you all face challenges and setbacks, and you will continue to move forward, with strong confidence and energy to stick to it. Material: Hand string main material: obsidian, smoke crystal 6mm beads, 925 silver As recorded in many crystal books, black gems usually have strong energy and can bring peace. Within the obsidian family, the golden obsidian is quite pleasant with its mysterious golden refraction. In ancient time, people believed that golden obsidian not only can heal the physical and psychological trauma, but also can direct more powerful positive energy into people and help them become optimistic and positive. For this design, we added smoky quartz. It is believed that smoky quartz can reverse the negative energy to "zero". Bless be with all of you who face the challenges and setbacks but still keep moving forward. May you have strong confidence and energy to go on. Material: Golden obsidian, Smoky quartz 6mm, 925 silver size , Suitable for the wrist circumference of about 16cm Large, suitable for wrist circumference of about 18cm Custom size, according to your wrist size, please contact us. Standard size Medium: circumference size around 16 cm Standard size Large: wrist circumference size around 18 cm Please contact us if you need custom made size based on your wround circumference size Designer profile Dear friends, welcome to our design. There are a few things you want to communicate with you, please patience read. First, the natural ore class will be flawed. Ice, lines, mine, we will try to pick in the production, but can not guarantee that every 100% of the beads perfect, if you can not accept, do not order. Second, each batch of ore has its own characteristics, even with the same crystal gem, with mining, mining time, will be different. If you can not accept color, please do not order. Third, the production and delivery of the region in Taiwan takes about a week, if there is a special time needs, please write communication. Fourth, please measure the length of the wrist. Measurement: Please wrist in the wrist behind the most prominent bones, with the line gently circle up, do not have to reserve space. Thank you for reading all the instructions, I hope you visit the fun, but also hope that our works can have fate and meet you. About the designer Dear friends, welcome to Woody's Handmade. There are a few things we would like to communicate with you and seek for your understanding: First, there will always be some flaws in natural ores such as Ice flore, grain, ore eye..etc. We will strive to pick the best during the process, but can not guarantee 100% perfection for each bead. If you can not Accept this term and condition, please do not purchase. Second, each batch of ore has their own characteristics - even if the same kind of crystal and gemstones, it there based on different mine locations and mining time. Therefore, we can only "try" but we can not guarantee to have exactly " Identical as with the photos shown. If the precise color of the bead is of a concern to you, we suggest that you sing beads made from colored ore. Third, please reserve two weeks for production and shipping time. If you have urgent need for shorter lead time, please be sure to communicate with us as soon as possible. Fourth, please measure the length of the wrist accurate. Measurement method: Make a loose circle with a string around the back of the most prominent bone of the wrist, it will be the correct length. Fifth, I welcome any discussion with you about what type of design you like and what kind of ore you like. I will try my best to design what you would love! Thank you for reading all the instructions and shopping our store, hope our design And product will meet you soon. Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan, hand-string Origin / manufacturing method Handmade string Taiwan


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