MOUS Indian style American retro short cloth cloth saddle leather

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MOUS Indian style American retro short cloth cloth saddle leather


concept of design: Remember the initial contact with handmade leather, Is the kind of rough and natural American retro style ~ But handmade leather goods, especially in Japan's most outstanding, Above and other saddle leather with large and national fine craft spirit, Produced by the American retro leather, Not only to maintain the retro flavor, delicate craft and design, More in line with daily convenience, In the process of learning the production of leather goods Many Japanese craftsmen are my enlightened, In which the eagle see Taro is my very admired staff ~ This design is to the staff of respect works, Two COVER lines, is the reference to the eagle see Taro's long money cloth done But the whole design is based on short money cloth, The two COVER were coin purse COVER, And the main switch of the COVER, But the subject is horizontal, zero purse is vertical, To achieve multi-functional, without losing the Indian style that beautiful lines, The middle experienced three years of modification, and finally come to this Exquisite handicrafts ~ Material / color: Real dollars 50 cents (half doller), 1910 US dollars 5 cents 950 silver coins coins, Primary color (TANNED) Italian vegetable tannage fat saddle leather Size / Function: 11 X 9 X2.6 CM 3 card bit, dark grid, photos, coin purses, big notes, Personalized: Engraved English name, 15 words or less free For more information, please contact the designer other instructions: 1. As the goods are hand-made, after the payment began to make, need to wait 5 to 7 production days shipped ~ 2. Goods are handmade, but the leather meticulous, leather color are small tolerance, please understand ^ ^ 3. Leather is a natural protein material, maintenance only pay attention to humidity, too dry, can be used with animal fat leather maintenance oil, Such as the weather is wet, easy to cause moldy, need to pay attention to moisture, but the daily use can avoid moldy ~ Origin / manufacturing method Hand made, hand sewn