READ Dazzling Revolution | Red Ghost White Jade 925 Sterling Silver Ring

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925 sterling silver ring, carefully selected natural red ghost, carefully selected natural white jade, Tianhe stone.


READ Dazzling Revolution | Red Ghost White Jade 925 Sterling Silver Ring

商品説明 ►Revolution rotation The center of the circle determines where you are. The diameter of the track determines the narrow field of view. The revolution of the planet is fixed, But we can decide our own path. Putting your eyes on the light will lead to light. Take a step forward and you will see a different world. ► Red Ghost: A stone of life that brings multiple creativity . Five elements are fire . Corresponding sea bottom wheel . Can relieve people's exhaustion, relax your emotions, keep you away from anger, nervousness and insomnia . Increase your understanding and tolerance and improve your relationships . Red Ghost has a certain help on blood circulation, hormone secretion, and skin. ► White Jade: healing stone that brings peace and stability . Five elements are water . Corresponding top wheel . Assist in the treatment of mental retardation, insomnia, and inability to reduce brain pressure . Can help relax, have a good rest quality, and relieve physical discomfort . Suitable for people who are nervous and unable to rest well, such as novice mothers, work stressors ► Tianhe Stone: the stone of growth that spreads its wings . The five elements belong to water and soil. . Corresponding throat wheel, heart wheel . Deviation from shallow consciousness . Helping to clean up negative energy on the body . Release the dark side and trauma hidden in the growth of the mind somewhere . Let people who don’t want to grow up bravely face life and make their hearts stronger . In the face of changes in work, immigration, study abroad, major surgery, etc., bring firmness and independence ► Material 925 sterling silver ring, carefully selected natural red ghost, carefully selected natural white jade, Tianhe stone. ► Package contents Eco-friendly material carton, seal ribbon, READ Dazzling guarantee. ► One stroke, one stroke, one stroke, one stroke All the silver ornaments of READ Dazzling are designed by well-known British designers, and then finished by the masters of metalworking silver jewelry with decades of experience. READ Dazzling carefully selects natural high-quality crystal ore, only to retain the most pure earth energy, dedicated to each gentle heart, dedicated to 妳. ► Dazzling is wearing a shackle, in order to lick All READ Dazzling designs have a "7-day Appreciation Period" and a "One-Year Warranty" service. "7-day appreciation period": Returns are limited to non-human defects and malfunctions. For return and repair, please write to the customer service mailbox, and attach the goods to the fault photo. Please refer to the official website of the company for detailed service process specifications. "Holding within one year": You will receive a guarantee in the product box you received. If you don't break it during the wearing process, or need to adjust the size and maintenance, you can send the product and the guarantee together. We will handle you carefully for you. ► Silverware Maintenance 1. Keep the silverware dry and never get close to hot springs and detergents. 2. Do not use tissue paper to wipe the surface. It is recommended to wipe with a silver cloth. 3. It is recommended to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and lustrous luster. ► Natural stone maintenance and purification 1. Natural crystal ore is recommended for aromatherapy, meditation or purification on natural crystal clusters. 2. Do not directly touch cosmetics, perfume, detergent, sea water, rain water or hot springs. Whether it is washing hands, bathing, sleeping or exercising, please remove the accessories. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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