C.Angel lucky signature cake [green fairy lucky signature cake 100 into] wedding small table on the ceremony ❥ super delicious wiki hand-made custom sign

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C.Angel lucky signature cake [green fairy lucky signature cake 100 into] wedding small table on the ceremony ❥ super delicious wiki hand-made custom sign


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHlWSKlyCnc 【Wizard of the Wild Fortune Fortune 100 Green fairy lucky signature cake a 35 yuan / basic order quantity 100 (Please inform the number or order directly beforehand)) * Delivery is a gift 【Signature format】 The store has a specified format and a variety of model reference A large number of orders are only free of charge non-winning and winning two types of packaging can be provided free of charge bags [Small exhort] ♥ The appearance of cake body without preservatives. Color part of a little food color ♥ can be customized within the different models ♥ signature number of words suggested within 30 words, can add pictures LOGO or photos and Chinese Japanese Korean German can ♥ inside the signature for the biscuits after the completion of the folder into the inside of the ink was edible ink to protect the consumer paper is not edible Please note (if any doubts can also be replaced by rice paper and edible ink production within the sign) [First understand the goods sent to the sister said] * If the goods are found damaged? How to do Please call Mia's phone immediately to make your use of the number of enough! @ Shop to take 60 yuan @ Black cat home with 200 yuan (order amount of more than 1,000 yuan, please choose the black cat house) Shopping Tips: 1. After the order will return a variety of signature template for your selection 2. Biscuits are fragile biscuits can not be damaged. Please do a good job in advance to prepare the number of copies. We will also be shipped as a result of the number of spare parts to prevent damage can be replaced 3. Please be sure to count the number of "the same day" after receiving the goods, and if there is a shortage of goods or the seriousness of the damage to the goods. Please be sure to call Mia immediately.We have a "professional" approach can be resolved*due to the goods will arrive in advance. There is time to count* *If you use the day to check out the error. Mia can not help.* 【Customized Fortune Cake Signature】 C.Angel Fortunately, the cake to create a happy smile and lucky, people receive the product can feel our full love Create others more surprises and surprises, bring infinite happiness. Imagine the moment when you bake the biscuits is not what you expect You can specify the arrival date after the order.We will start the day before the arrival of the most fresh biscuits Fortunately, each of the signatures can be customized inside the sign of poetry. Sign poetry can be added to the picture. Representative a symbol of happiness. Instead of telling your friends the truth of the words Variety of lucky signature cake. Can be in accordance with the theme of your wedding color production of different colors of lucky cake Made of pure chocolate do not contain preservatives. Without flavor, so the food will have the most natural egg cream flavor! After the receipt is made by the fresh system is about two days before the arrival of the system, so after receipt can be sealed for 2 weeks to 1 month. 【Relaxed material】 Low-gluten flour, fresh eggs, New Zealand salt-free cream, daily sugar powder, pure chocolate, professional certification of edible sugar ink, sugar and verified and certified materials 【Instructions for food At room temperature to save 20 days after eating and store the indoor cool place 【Product specifications】 single into the package. Weight 8 grams. Length of about 6 to 7 cm. 【Storage period】 Room temperature sealed within 20 days 【Delivery related issues and packaging】 Biscuits are independent of individual packaging and layers of bubble paper and then boxed to send out ~ box are our LOGO obvious attention ~ delivery process please rest assured. The world can be shipped lucky cookies lucky signature cake (limited to the original flavor) unless the winter can send shape signature cake, but also unless the local countries all year round are very hot or choose the original flavor, freight we will try for you price! 【The first old lucky signature cake】 We are Taiwan in the Republic of China 99 years of business has continued to professional lucky cake service, hundreds of enterprises and boutique industry partners to diversify the taste and customization of the signature design for the advantages of rapid production and caring services as the basic, wedding customers And married women, birthday party gifts are our service items, printing a lot of counterfeit goods, please carefully selected us as a genuine brand C.Angel lucky cake for your most intelligent choice. Genuine goods for the double-sided three-dimensional surface of the arc is smooth and no spices taste pure natural egg aroma packaging are printed with C.Angel words and ingredients marked. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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