Star Japanese imports Swarovski ornaments ring

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Star Japanese imports Swarovski ornaments ring


◈ Material ◈

Japanese import ring, inlaid with Swarovski crystal

◈ Size ◈

International # 9 (diameter about 1.55cm)(U.S #5.5)

◈ Operate and maintain ◈

(1) For the loss of jewelry, can not be restored. The coating will be used according to personal habits and conditions of different wear and oxidation degree, the length of color retention varies from person to day, from a few days to several years are possible. Do not wear sleeping, bathing, swimming, hot springs, maintenance make-up and other chemicals, please also avoid contact. If you can not accept the material characteristics, please do not order to buy.
(2) sterling silver, brass, US 14K gold, natural stone, crystal Jieke with a touch of water, take a bath, but please try to avoid exposure to chemical substances.
(3) Good material to carry around with jewelry usually best to maintain the luster off to make sure revenue ziplock bags to avoid contact with air easily oxidized.

◈ Attention ◈

(1) This is a customized product, which requires 7–30 working days with holidays excluded.
(2) This product is handmade. Margin of error is approximately 0.8cm.
(3) Commodities will be slightly adjusted by length. The designer reserves the right to adjust the arrangement and proportion of the goods.
(4) When the part of the material out of stock or do a small part of the adjustment, if not affect the appearance of the appearance will be without notice, the designer retains the right to adjust the small parts.
(5) Please allow for some variation in color between different devices and screens. Actual colors may vary.Photos are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may vary.
(6) Because the goods are handmade so the finished product may have hand traces (such as knot or asymmetry, uneven, etc., does not affect the wearing of the situation) there is no way like the machine as perfect, please consider carefully.
(7) Each pearl, natural stone color depth and texture are different, some will have a small crack or contain impurities and other small flaws, there is no way like artificial pearls, precious stones as perfect. Natural stone size and shape will also have irregular circumstances, so there is no way 100% consistent with the product picture.
(8) Whether the goods will cause allergy concerns VIP, please do not order to buy, because each person allergic conditions are different, there is no way to measure.
(9) If you can not accept the above situation, please do not order to buy.

◈ attention ◈

Please confirm the precautions before purchase, all products are customized custom products, do not provide return and replacement services, in order to avoid future disputes, please be sure to accept the next purchase.


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