POLAROID 636 closeup Polaroid Polaroid Polaroid Camera

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POLAROID 636 closeup Polaroid Polaroid Polaroid Camera


Use negative film: POLAROID 600 Use the 600 type of film, there is a built-in flash, you only need to press the shutter to shoot, both indoors and outdoors can cope The machine function is normal, please refer to the photo for the appearance, we subjectively judged as A grade S grade - stock new Class A - Near new products & very few traces of use Class B - traces of normal use Class C - Use more traces & have no effect on imaging Class D - has an effect on imaging, but can also shoot Class E - can't shoot normally, part machine Take a photo and go to "Lomo graphy" or "Fli ckr" to search for the camera name. There are many photos to enjoy. If you have any questions, you can ask questions, or Face book, Insta gram search for our "Sunday Antique Camera" private message. There is only one item in this store. If you need it, please ask and answer first. Do not subscript directly Store introduction: The boss loves to take pictures and loves the camera (this is a nonsense). Whether you want to discuss camera equipment or the technology of taking pictures, you can communicate with the private boss. If you want to use your equipment, you can find your boss and you can see it. Equipment wants to buy too, but it should be noted that taking pictures is a happy thing, so the boss does not want everyone to make misunderstandings because of the cognitive differences in the sale, so it is especially helpful for you to set out the transaction needs, please carefully before buying Read, thank you! Trading needs to know: (One). The boss attaches great importance to credit, so each product is sold in a sequential order. The person who asks first will have the right to purchase first. If the transaction is not successful, the next guest will be notified according to the order of questioning. (two). The boss's camera technology is too good, it will be too beautiful to take a little serious shot, so if you are worried that the actual product and the photo will be wrong, you can send a private message, the boss will not light and then shoot you with a bad mobile phone, let you see the goods The true face. (three). The boss is very embarrassed, so I will try to write all the current status of the goods clearly in the store, but it is inevitable that there is a mistake in the busy. If you have a special place, you are welcome to use the private message to ask the boss what the boss did not mention. The boss will patiently Answer the status of your goods one by one. (four). There are two kinds of trading methods in this store. One is to send. If you are sure to use the shipping method, please pay attention to the above (2). (3). Two points, please confirm the status of the product completely and confirm the order. If you receive a drop in the product discovery and the boss's narrative, you can still refund the full amount. (Fives). Another way to trade is to face-to-face. Please choose a time that is not too busy. Let the boss explain to you the status quo and usage of the goods. If you want to take notes from the notebook, the boss can wait for you because the old camera is very It is fragile, so it is easy to damage if it is not handled properly. The face-to-face location is given priority to the New Taipei City MRT Freshwater Station (Freshwater Line). If it is to meet other locations, it may be discussed again by the private boss. (six). All items have a 30-day warranty and the warranty is as follows: (1). Non-human damage (no more scratches, breaks, bumps, etc.), broken under normal operating conditions, free repair, or a full refund to you. (2). If it is judged to be man-made damage, it can still be guaranteed, but it will be subject to repair costs. If it feels that the small problem does not affect the shooting and does not want to repair it does not matter, the boss will quote you first, and then decide whether you want to repair. (3). The warranty time is 30 days after receipt, so please try to shoot as much as possible within 30 days. If there is a problem with the camera beyond the warranty time, you can still find the boss, but you will be charged for the repair.


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