Sterling Silver Natural Labradorite Necklace

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● S925 set with natural labradorite ● Plain silver vulcanization color ● Pendant 35 x 19 mm, chain length 52 cm ● Product number AN0094


Sterling Silver Natural Labradorite Necklace


**Classic series** Dedicated to women walking in classical and modern The post-modern style has a historical continuity, with medieval jewellery design elements fused with modern craftsmanship, interweaving classic and fashionable new works. While emphasizing the era of individualism, you will combine traditional and elegant yourself with modern novelty to highlight your cultural connotation and show yourself with a diverse look. - **Introduction of works** **When the wings of angels fly over the surface of the lake, very few times, the feathers will fall. We collect these feathers and make them into necklaces, let us convey the angel's blessings for you.** The standard equipment of this product ◆ With GUO PEI LING JEWELRY original jewelry guarantee ◆ With GUO PEI LING JEWELRY original jewelry box and bag This product specification ◆ Brand: GUO PEI LING JEWELRY ◆ Product Number: AN0094 ◆ Chain pendant precious metal: s925 sterling silver ◆ Chain length: 52 cm ◆ Gem shape: oval ◆ Gem color: blue halo ◆ Features of gemstones: Natural Labradorite ◆ Size: Pendant 35 x 19 mm Remarks Your GUO PEI LING JEWELRY jewelry is very precious and exquisite. In order to make it still beautiful after years of baptism, you should be cautious and take appropriate care when using and handling it. The following suggestions are helpful for the daily maintenance of jewelry: ◆ Place it on a soft surface when not wearing it, and place it in the original jewelry box or felt bag ◆ Do not wear it during exercise ◆ Avoid contact with other jewelry, sharp, rough metal objects, or perfume, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine gas ◆ Daily dress, finish makeup and confirm the perfume is dry before wearing your jewelry ◆ If the jewel is impacted or collided, please check whether the setting of the gem is loose to prevent the gem from falling The color of the product page image file will be slightly different due to the difference of the computer screen settings, the actual product color shall prevail delivery ◆ In stock: will be sent to you within 3 days after the payment is completed ◆ No stock: scheduled production immediately, will be sent to you within 14 working days (excluding holidays) after payment is completed **Warranty and after-sales service** Your jewelry is a carefully conceived work by GUO PEI LING JEWELRY design studio. The quality, precision and craftsmanship of the products comply with the strict requirements of traditional high-end jewelry. Each stage of the production process has been carefully handled and passed strict control and testing. Warranty scope 1. The warranty terms are limited to purchase from GUO PEI LING JEWELRY, a subsidiary of Gengmei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). The company has never authorized any business that operates in the name of an individual to sell the company's products on the Internet. In order to protect your rights and interests, you are reminded to confirm whether you have received the warranty with the trademark when you purchase our products. 2. The company's warranty process is handled by our company. In order to maintain good warranty quality, please contact us and send the product and warranty together to our company for warranty repair procedures. 3. Since the company insists on using natural gemstones, it is a natural phenomenon that there is a slight difference in the color of the gemstones and the texture of each product. The company's products are mainly in kind. 4. The warranty repair service provided by our company is limited to Taiwan (Taiwan, Taiwan, Peng, Jin, Ma). Please contact us for countries and regions outside Taiwan. Warranty content 1. GUO PEI LING JEWELRY provides a free six-month warranty on the full range of products. 2. During the free warranty period, damage occurs according to normal use, and if it is determined to be a quality problem, GUO PEI LING JEWELRY will provide a replacement or free repair; if it is not a quality problem, such as the loss of accessories on the jewelry or other possible Consumers have to bear part of the cost of repairs that occur. 3. If the product is returned to the repairer more than six months from the date of purchase, the repair cost will be charged according to the situation, and the gem cost will be calculated separately. The company reserves the right to provide maintenance services. 4. For the following matters, GUO PEI LING JEWELRY does not provide warranty repairs. • Damage caused by human factors caused by carelessness or deliberate use. • Damage caused by poor maintenance, such as cavities and breakage. • Arbitrarily modify the structure, function and alteration to cause damage to gems and metal materials. • Any products not sold by GUO PEI LING JEWELRY will not be provided with any warranty.


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