Light up the Christmas Cup

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Pour into the warm hot drink and the light bulb slowly lights up. It is a Christmas tree full of hope. 🎄 The lights are on, and the party is starting.



Light up the Christmas Cup


Crater volcano - light christmas cup - 🎁 One give him one to leave for himself ✨ - Pour into the warm hot drink and the light bulb slowly lights up. It is a Christmas tree full of hope. 🎄 The lights are on, and the party is starting. - Product Name: Light Christmas Cup / Christmas Limited Sale / Exclusive design: Pour hot drinks, the light bulb will slowly light up from the bottom. - - / Product Description / Capacity: about 400ml (full water capacity) / hand glazed a little error Size: Cup mouth diameter 9cm x cup height 8cm Color: night blue Material: cup body - iron / coating - 珐琅 Origin / Manufacturing: Taiwan / Yilian Co., Ltd. / Exclusive adoption / Embryo body: Use thick iron plate to make it thicker and more durable. Exclusive glaze formula: high gloss and fine smooth surface feel. / SGS inspection pass / food safety / care / / Precautions/ ※ Due to the high thermal conductivity, after heating or holding hot drinks, the temperature of the handle and the cup will increase, so be careful to take it carefully, and pay attention to the temperature of the cup edge to avoid burns. ※ Special temperature sensitive paper, avoid using it in the dishwasher and soaking for a long time. Do not use steel brush or melon cloth when cleaning, so as to avoid pattern peeling. ※ Avoid heavy pressure and knock when using, to prevent the enamel layer from falling off. ※ It can be used in induction cooker, oven, gas stove or barbecue. ※ Metal is included and cannot be used in microwave ovens. [crater volcano-珐琅 products] Every ware in the crater is hand-glazed by the master, repeatedly sprayed and fired more than five times. Together with the unique enamel glaze formula, the crater enamel products are smoother, more delicate, thicker and more durable than other brands. In the process of firing at 850 °C, it is inevitable that there will be some small black spots, uneven glazing, hanging marks, and chromatic aberration. Such as the edge of the cup, hanging the burning place (the inner edge of the handle), are normal, not awkward. Before the consumer buys, please understand that each of the products is handmade, belonging to daily necessities, and is a practical and aesthetic instrument. The firing process is prone to unpredictable small flaws. If you are looking for perfection, please be careful to place an order. Origin / manufacturing Taiwan / Yilian 珐琅 - crater volcano Designed by Micro-Wei-Jr - 亮 Light up Christmas limited red: 麋 Elk lost road cup: 点亮 Light up Christmas blame: 亮 Light up Christmas and think about raccoon:


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